Mobile Legends The Barren Lands World Map


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Jul 7, 2019
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The Barren Lands is a land of despair. It was extremly prosperous before. With the birth of the Necrokeep and the rise of the Abyss, it completely lost its prosperity.

Lantis Mountains (Mountains that block the corrosion of the Abyss)

The Lantis Mountains make up the longest mountain range on the Land of Dawn. They isolate the Moniyan Empire from the Land of Despair and prevent the Abyss from spreading further. It is said that the mountains were once the residence of the Ancient Ones. There are legends and powerful forces about the Ancient Ones, but no one has been able to find their existence to date.

Heroes: Grock

Askati Forest (Towering peak forest that enters the clouds)

Askati Forest is the only special area in the Barren Lands that has not been infected by the plague of the Abyss. The mountain peaks that poke straight into the clouds blocked the power of the Abyss, so that the jungle vegetation and ecosystem on the peak were not destroyed. Pharsa, the crow who had been viciously cursed, lives here.

Heroes: Pharsa

Stormeye Wasteland (Hometown of the Orcs)

The Stormeye Wasteland is close to the dense Shadow Swamp. This is the last place Orcs survived on the Land of Dawn. It retains a large number of cultural relics left by the Orcs. However, due to the corrosion of the Abyss, the demons began to rule the Orcs here and carried out a cruel suppression. The Orcs in the Stormeye Wasteland looked forward to their liberation under the leadership of Balmond.

Heroes: Balmond

The Necrokeep (A place occupied by the Queen of Evil Spirits)

In the Moniyan Empire, there is no word more frightening than "Necrokeep". When it was called Ridgeburg, it was a rich and prosperous fortress city. Now, it is the eternal curse of the undead queen, Vexana. Any creature who sets foot here will be surrounded by evil spirits, watching the energy of life slowly flow away in helplessness and despair.

Heroes: Vexana, Faramis, Leomord

Abyss Crack (Tge origin of all darkness and evil)

At the end of the Golden Era, the Abyss emerged from the ground of nothingness, tearing the soil and rocks, forming a huge crack -- the Abyss Crack. One cannot see to the bottom, and the powerful dark power fills the entire crack and continues to spread in all directions. As soon as ordinary people enter the vicinity of the Abyss Crack, they suffer intense corrosion and torture.

Heroes: Alice, Thamuz, Dyrroth, Terizla, Helcurt, Argus