Mobile Legends - The current hierarchy of best fighter offlaners

Guild of Guardians
As the game continues to improve and develop, the players are also starting to adapt a new situation in the game. Offlaners are now not only for fighters but also for other roles. In this list, the best offlaners in Fighter class will be enumerated and ranked based on the priority of the players in high competitive scene.

Let us start with the Rank 4 all the way to Rank 1.

Rank 4 - X.Borg

X.Borg has the ability to clear waves fast, zone out enemies, poke them, and deal true damage. He has a Firaga armor that makes him very tanky. For tank users, he is one of the most annoying hero to deal with.

What lacks X.Borg is a crowd control skill. Yet, X.Borg is fine as it is since he would be overpowered if he has a crowd control skill.

Rank 3 - Chou

Chou is one of the heroes that can trick enemies and escape death due to his blink skills. He also deals decent amount of damage due to his passive. Compared to X.Borg, his ability to lock a target and displace it is Chou's advantage.

Chou looks overpowered but actually he is easier to counter than the next two fighters. Purify spell, Khufra, and Minsitthar are some of the hard counters to Chou.

Rank 2 - Jawhead

If Chou has a lot of blink skills, Jawhead is just simply fast. He can run towards an enemy and displace it just like what Chou can do. He can even counter Khufra's Skill 2. With also decent damage and wave clear ability, he is the current second best fighter offlaner.

Rank 1 - Thamuz

Currently, no one will be surprised seeing this hero as Rank 1 since even in the professional tournaments, Thamuz is prioritized and most likely to be first pick if not banned. He doesn't have hard crowd control skill but he can slow enemies and deal a huge amount of damage over time.

He is also very mobile and can jump to close its gap to its target. He can scare enemies from a distance just by throwing his scythe. He is also very tanky due to his lifestyle.

Even when faced against 2 heroes, Thamuz can dominate his lane. All of these things makes Thamuz the current best offlaner in the Fighter Class.

Are you using these heroes in your ranked games? If not, try them and they will surely help you to rank up. Tune in for more informative contents.