Mobile Legends The Exorcists Skin Series Preview - Sneak Peeks on New Kagura and Yu Zhong skins

A new concept for a skin series will be introduced in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as Moonton finally announced some information about the upcoming skin series. A teaser was posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB. The new skin series will be called The Exorcists. This skin series will be launched along with two new skins under this concept which are Exorcist Kagura and Exorcist Yu Zhong.


In terms of overall visual in their skin model, there seems to be a lot of Japanese references not only in their clothing but also on the skill effects. This skin series will seem to be time-limited and thus there are so many exclusive attributes and in-game add-ons in-themed with this skin series. Kagura in this skin has pink hair and is wearing a kimono blouse that screams a modernized fashion as she also wears a skirt. Meanwhile, Yu Zhong is wearing a coat and pants that reflects his authority and dominance. His hair is colored white and his eyes looks fiery.


The teaser video also showed that there will be idle animations, random in-game actions, and special interactive animation for each of these skins. There will also be new in-game inventories in-themed with this skin that are all shown in the preview. Recall effect, Spawn effect, Elimination effect, Animated avatar border, Battle emotes, and Graffiti are expected to be able to be obtained in a sort of event for The Exorcists.


For the skill effects, the exorcism element can be found on both Yu Zhong and Kagura. When Yu Zhong uses Soul Grip, a dark soul will be pushed out of the target's body when he casts the enhanced basic attack. His ultimate skill is also great and all of his 3 forms are well-detailed and enhanced. For Kagura, there will be a spirit woman that will be summoned when she uses her ultimate skill, Yin Yang Overturn. Her umbrella will also give off red and gold splash effects on her attacks.

Here is the official trailer video of The Exorcists skin series:

The teaser didn't reveal yet any events neither the ways on how to obtain these skins. There was a date mentioned in the preview though and it says that this skins will be available in-game starting October 3, 2022, ML:BB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). Check out other details in-game and the hints shown in the patch note in the inbox mail.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!