Mobile Legends The Feeling of Spring Fanfiction by Nyctophilii


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Jul 7, 2019
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I smiled when I saw the first flower of Spring the other day. A lone Bluebonnet had popped its head through the ground and was looking around on a cool, calm morning. I wasn't sure what had made it finally decide to end its long, winter's sleep. Perhaps it had noticed that the ground around it was no longer frozen. Perhaps it had felt the warmth of the sunshine finally pushing the temperatures into the seventies. I had heard the songs of the birds singing that Spring had arrived and it was time for the world to awaken again. The roots of the trees had whispered to it that it was now safe to come out and that their own limbs were already budding.

Whatever the reason it was a joy to see the little birds soaking up the light and calling out to its fellow flowers to join in the celebration of life once again. Knowing that soon it will be joined by other Bluebonnets, Buttercups, Tulips, Daffodils, and Dandelions. The air will soon be full of Butterflies dancing above them all. I know that soon the meadows will be full of growing grass and the forested hills will be awash in bright, green leaves.

I floated around the place they call Land of Dawn, as I heard the birds chirping. Some say that if you listen carefully to them, it can form a sweet, euphonious melody. I think I've been here for a few weeks, probably a month, yet I never had the chance to interact with anyone, except for my brother of course.

He found me accidentally when I was wandering around, he then asked me why I was here. I explained to him that I was sent here to atone from the mistakes I had done, and now, I am able to fight alongside him.

“Brother look! There's so many flowers! Can I have one, please—?” I asked, doing the baby doll eyes, that's what I call it, hmph.
“What? You already look like a flower, yet you want another flower? What are you, a bouquet?” Zilong asked, cracking a joke.
“Ha ha, very funny— no! Your jokes are always lame, bleeh!” I giggled, then passed by him and started to float away towards the flowers.
“Hey! Don't be harsh, that one was decent, you know!” He then ran, trying to catch up to me.
“Quick, run! Roger's coming!” I yelled, trying to prank him.

“Really? Where?” Zilong asked, trying to act all frightened while he kept running.
“Haha, kidding!” I laughed while floating away until I bumped to someone, making me fall into a pile of flowers.
“Now you really do look like a bouquet.” He laughed as he stopped right in front of me to help me up.
“Still not funny, Zilong—”

“Zilong, is that you?” Zilong looked behind him and saw a girl that has double buns for a hairstyle and has a tiger's tail—?
“Wanwan..! There you guys are, I was looking for the three of you.” He exclaimed as he felt relieved.
“Is this your sister? How cute!” Wanwan exclaimed as she jumped right in front of me and pinched my cheeks.
“Yeah, Wanwan, meet Chang'e. Chang'e, meet Wanwan, Ling, and Baxia.” Zilong answered as he pointed out to the persons right in front of him while stating their names.

“Hey guys, let's chill for a bit, you know, talk about stuff..!” Wanwan suggested as everyone nodded, while I just smiled.

“So yeah, not sure about the reason behind all of it.” Zilong said as Wanwan had a confused and concerned look on her face. We're all lying down on the grass, underneath a huge tree, with different varieties of flowers surrounding us.

“Oh, really? I'm sure there's a specific reason for that...” Wanwan replied as she smiled.

“Wanwan, here, take it, I got it while we were heading towards this tree.” I handed her the flower as I remember about giving it to her.

“A Primrose? Thanks Chang'e!” She exclaimed as she hugged me. “I'll be right back!” She added as she had a grin on her face.

“I have a bad feeling about that grin..” Zilong said as he looked towards Ling.

“No, you're wrong...” Ling replied, looking unsure of what he just said.

“But look!” I joined in as they looked to where I was pointing at and saw Wanwan heading back towards us.

“Look at this Ling, it will look good on you!” Wanwan had sparkles in her eyes as she came back and was holding a skirt, a very pink skirt.

“Wanwan, no, get that thing away from me...” Ling's face went pale as he got up and tried to back away.

“Hmm... But you said you can try wearing one, so here it is..!” Wanwan exclaimed, with a smirk on her face as she tried to go near Ling, and was about to jump.

”No, I didn't— Baxia, stop her!” Ling yelled as he bolted away, but almost tripped. Baxia then followed him, as Wanwan looked back at us and said, “Well, gotta chase after him Zilong and Chang'e! You can follow us if you like!”

“Okay, we will!” Zilong replied as he laughed and looked at me. “What?” He asked.

“Nothing, I think Spring is my favorite season.. And you look funny.” I responded as I giggled and went to follow Wanwan and the others.

What a lovely day of spring. I get to meet big brother's friends, and get to hangout with them. Now I can say that Spring is my favorite season, because every flower blooms to bring beauty to the surroundings.

For me, flowers are like friends, they bring color to our world. And I admit, I agree with big brother Zilong about me looking like a bouquet if I take lots of flowers with me.

But only this time I assure you!