Mobile Legends Tier 2 Emblem Tenacity Basic Guide - Basic customizations and best heroes to equip with

The revamped emblem system brought by the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game's Project NEXT 2023 made players more creative on how they customize during the preparation phase. One of the previous Tier 3 Talent, Tenacity, is moved to Tier 2, and is one of the most important thing to consider for tank/roam heroes. Tenacity increases the hybrid defense of heroes when they have low percentage current HP. Here are three easy to memorize basic emblem set-up with Tenacity and the heroes that are best to equip it with.


1. General Tank set-up

For heroes like Tigreal, Khufra, and Lolita.

Tier 1 will be Vitality. Tier 2 Tenacity. Tier 3 Brave Smite. Vitality provides extra HP while Brave Smite provides HP regen after dealing skill damage. This is great for heroes that have low skill cooldowns. Tigreal utilizes this with his full skill combo that would trigger Tenacity to help with survive after a set. Khufra's skill 2 helps himself proc Brave Smite while Lolita's can abuse the proc from Tenacity to help her micro in teamfights.


2. Vitality + Tenacity + Concussive Blast

For heroes like Angela, Chou, and Estes.

The difference of this set-up from the general one is that this uses Concussive Blast as Tier 3 instead of Brave Smite. Concussive Blast gives extra chip damage which helps in laning too for the likes of Angela and Chou. Estes which has low lane clear capability also utilizes Concussive Blast to be more helpful while abusing the Tenacity when healing allies in a middle of a teamfight.


3. Firmness + Tenacity + Concussive Blast

For heroes like Baxia, Edith, and Johnson.

Firmness is in Tier 1 instead of Vitality for the extra hybrid defense. This is great for heroes that already has enough HP early game. Firmness also synergizes with Baxia's passive to reduce damage taken mainly from DPS. Edith benefits to Firmness more because she is vulnerable in her marksman form. Meanwhile, Johnson has enough high HP plus its passive so Firmness increases the HP-Def efficiency.

These are the three basic set-ups that all players should keep in mind that involve the tier 2 emblem Tenacity. The set-ups are also flexible that it covers most of the heroes wherein non-tank/roam heroes just need to pick a specialized tier 3 talent that suit for their main heroes. Tenacity is a great tier 2 in the emblem set-up that gives even squishy heroes a leeway for creativity to flex the other emblem and preparation slots.

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