Mobile Legends Tier List for Sept. 2021 iOS Android 


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Sep 2, 2021
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Are you wondering which heroes to choose as you descend to battle in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang?

This tier list will show you the best heroes of this exciting MOBA.

There are six roles in MLBB (marksmen, mages, assassins, fighters, tanks, and supports) which have different roles to play during the game. Picking the best hero to go with your team and adapting to your enemies is essential to winning team fights and ensuring that you’ll hear that sweet sound of the announcer shouting “Victory!”.

To keep things interesting and to change up the pick rates of the large hero pool, the meta is updated frequently—so that other heroes become stronger than others in their role. This tier list will provide you with an idea of which heroes have had great success in the current state of MLBB.