Mobile Legends Tip - Good Allies of Masha

Masha the Winter Guard, Hero Specialty: Female Berserker with Beast Power. Below are the recent Hero adjustments.

Wild Power: The extra percent-based damage dealt to the target decreased 1% at all levels.

Thunderclap: The Cooldown of this skill is increased 6s at all levels. Current HP Deduction decreased from 50% to 30%.

At the same time, the calculation of the damage dealt to Creeps is modified (some extra damage dealt will have the limit), so that Masha's enhanced Basic Attack can deal higher damage to Creeps when the Crit Chance is triggered.

Now when Masha uses the Equipment Items - Rose Gold Meteor and Queen's Wings, the Equipment Unique Passive will be triggered based on the total HP of 3 HP bars.

Here are some good allies to team up with Masha
  1. Kaja - By using his ult, he can easily turn a 4v5 into a 4v4 match up. Thus, Masha can simply focus on split push.
  2. Kimmy and Granger - two of the best marksman that can also help Masha to push quickly and be very helpful in teamfights.
  3. Baxia and Grock - two of the most efficient damage absorber because of their High Defense Stats. Even Baxia can reduce damage due to his passive. A 4v5 situation won't be hard for them.
  4. Harith and Esmeralda - two of the best mages that can also deal high damage to turrets and tank some damage in 4v5 situations.
  5. Roger and Badang - they are two balance fighters that some underrates. Roger being a Marksman/Fighter makes him very efficient in tower push and 1v1. Same as Badang which is like a Fighter Version of Claude.
  6. Gusion and Helcurt - two of the best assassins in terms of pick offs. They can also deal high damage to turrets. Why not Hayabusa? He is also good. It is just that Masha is already the split pusher and Gusion and Helcurt are more useful in teamfights in terms of utility and damage.
  7. Faramis and Selena - lay a trap near the base then use Arrival. Masha plus Selena plus Faramis can destroy the base quickly. The ArkAngel Team actually tried a similar tactic with this one in "The Nationals" Philippine Tournament. Masha, Faramis, Kimmy, Miya and Hylos are the heroes used.

The M1 Championship Line Up also includes Masha
  • Masha
  • Harith
  • Granger
  • Baxia
  • Kaja
What do you think? will this be sustainable in the future? let us know in the comments