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    Balmond is one of the very easy to use heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. He is perfect for those who are just new to this game and want to learn how to be a fighter or a tank. This hero can make even a beginner grind from Warrior to Grandmaster quickly as long as you mastered how to use Balmond. Here are some tips and tricks to guide you on how to use Balmond.


    1. Prioritize Skill 2 over Skill 1

    Your skill 2 will be your main source of damage and it should be leveled up as soon as possible.

    2. Your 2nd skill can ensure last hit to minions when you use it when minions only have half of their max HP.

    Proper positioning is also required to last hit many minions in just one second skill.


    3. Balmond does not consume mana!

    So don't build Demon Shoes for Balmond since it will be a waste of item slot and gold. You can also spam your skills without worrying of having a low mana.

    4. You can use your ultimate skill to slow down enemies

    Your ultimate skill is not only for securing kills. Maximize this skill by using it as much as possible to deal damage and slow instead of just using it one or two times only in a 10-minute match.


    5. You can use your first skill to dash through walls

    This is helpful in chasing enemies or escaping death.

    Those are just some of the tips and tricks you should always keep in mind when playing Balmond. Here are some best set builds for Balmond.


    Are you using Balmond? You might have other tricks that you can share with other players. Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.
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    Nice information. Thanks
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    salamat lods try ko nga sa classic.
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    hi. how to download this? i wanna try this one

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