Mobile Legends Tips - How to Counter Eudora and Recounter using Eudora

Guild of Guardians
Eudora is one of the most impactful heroes after Project NEXT Phase 2. It is because of the changes made with the magic penetration mechanics and Eudora can abuse it from early game to late game. Here are some ways to counter Eudora and how Eudora might be able to recounter.


Counter 1: Kagura

Kagura is a very mobile mage. She has similar scaling with Eudora that is why in terms of power, they are relatively equal the whole game. Aside from mobility, Kagura is a better poke hero than Eudora. Kagura can poke Eudora to death or choose to burst her with a full combo while having the ability to remove a crowd control.

To recounter using Eudora against Kagura, Winter Truncheon can be built as 4th item and use its active skill when Kagura is executing her combo.

Counter 2: Athena's Shield

Athena's Shield provides the best magic defense against Eudora. Its passive will be activated after just 1 skill from Eudora. That is why the next 2 skills that Eudora will cast will deal lower damage. This is aside from the very high magic defense and HP that this item provides.

Eudora can recounter by building Magic Penetration Items. Arcane Boots and Magic Penetration from Mage Emblem might not be enough but adding Genius Wand and/or Divine Glaive too, Eudora will be able to deal more damage again compared if she only build pure magic power items.


Counter 3: Saber and other burst damage dealers

Saber can hide in the bush and gank Eudora to kill it in just 1 full combo. This is very common especially in lower ranks.

For Eudora to recounter, aside from Winter Truncheon, other defense items like Antique Cuirass against physical type attackers like Saber or Athena's Shield against magic type damage dealers will serve as Eudora's recounter.

Counter 4: Purify

The battle spell Purify is very helpful against Crowd Controls just like Eudora's skill 2. The additional movement speed also gives the user enough time to run away and dodge incoming attacks.

Eudora can also recounter using the Purify spell to survive against her common checks and counters.


The reason why Eudora is currently a first ban priority even in Mythic Rank has been explained by this series of recounters. These are some ways to counter Eudora and Eudora has also ways to recounter that is why banning her would be really the safest option if your team don't want to be annoyed by this mage hero.

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