Mobile Legends Tips to Use Saber like Gusion!

Saber is currently the generally accepted worst assassin as of Season 14. Gusion on the other hand is one of the best. But did you notice that they have similar mechanics?
  • Gusion's second skill has similar mechanics with Saber's first skill plus second skill combo.
  • Gusion can hero lock using first skill. Saber can hero lock using ultimate skill with the help of Hero Lock Mode advance settings.
  • Gusion deals burst damage by using both skill and basic attack. Saber can deal burst damage by activating his passive. He even has higher basic attack damage than Gusion.

Why is Saber not META?
  • His second skill is mainly used for escape instead of being aggressive like Gusion.
  • He has a hard time killing jungle monsters early game.
  • Saber is more team dependent than Gusion.

So how can someone make Saber performs as if he's META?

Tip #1: Harass targets first using your first skill.

Secret behind the tip: Aside from the damage, it will trigger Saber's Passive.

Tip #2: If there is only one nearby enemy, don't be afraid to use your second skill plus first skill combo then follow up it with your ultimate skill to secure a kill.

Tip #3: Use Hero Lock Mode! This is very important. Configure it in the settings before you enter a lobby for matchmaking.

Tip #4: Get to level 4 as quick as possible. This is the reason why Saber is team dependent. He is less efficient without his ultimate skill. Your teammates should be aware of that so that they will help you to get to level 4 quickly. Once you are level 4, secure kills and push turrets along with your teammates.

Will you apply these tips and tricks the next time you will use Saber? Tell the result below