Mobile Legends tool response to Wild Rift Esports? TikTok Ban, Arena Breakout Infinite PC Requirements and Plagiarism, Princess Peach, etc

In our recent gaming podcast, Filipino gamers talk about Mobile Legends Esports Tool response to Wild Rift Esports, Tiktok Ban, Steam Refund Loophole, Arena Breakout Infinite PC Requirements, Escape from Tarkov Plagiarism accusation, Netflix Atlas Jennifer Lopez Movie, Pokemon GO Avatar Update, and Princes Peach Makeup collection.


Steam Refund Loophole
Have you ever refunded any games from Steam? It's fast and convenient as long as you meet the criteria players can return a title so long as it was within 14 days and less than two hours played. Apparently, there was a loophole, Because recently Steam has updated their return policy. This mainly affects games acquired on Early Access because technically these games are not finished before you can purchase and refund beyond the 2-hour window.

So the new Steam policy update closes this loophole. The standard two-hour playtime refund window for games bought at the Steam Store will now also apply to titles marked "Early Access" or "Advanced Access

Pokemon Go Avatar Update
If you still play Pokemon Go you might probably receive the Visual upgrade. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like an upgrade, especially on the user avatars
Have you seen the change? The goal of the change is to make trainers look “even more” like the players themselves with the game giving players new options for body types, hairstyles, and skin tones you can be fat, tall, dark, or whatever.

However, the overall consensus from the trainers is that their avatars look ugly. Here are the complaints: Proportions are off across the board, faces now look lifeless, Arms are too long, hands are too big, and the skin tones just don’t look quite right

Here is a summary the girl's character now looks like a guy they are not flat in front and behind. If you think about it this is fine, but there is a bigger problem people paid cosmetic items to make their avatars look good. So they are asking for refunds. on the bright side Pokémon Go developer Niantic is taking feedback following recent player avatar refresh. But no mention of what they will do next

Princess Peach Makeup
Do you know Peach? Princess Peach? Do you want to look like her? Because apparently, Bandai Lifestyle will release a Princess Peach make-up collection in May 2024. There are three different products you can purchase). There is a face mask, which costs 858 JPY ($5.50) for a pack of seven has a rose aroma and focuses on moisturization.

The lip gloss, which costs 1650 JPY ($10.60), it has an oil base with collagen in the formula color is quite faint on your lips. Finally, there are six colors of eyeshadow which costs 550 JPY ($3.55) each. Some of these colors are also usable as blush. If you are interested people in Japan can advance orders on Nintendo Stories in Osaka

Jennifer Lopez's Netflix Atlas Movie
Do you guys know about Titanfall? Fans have been waiting for Titanfall 3 ever since, but in a way, we got Apex Legends. So why are we talking about Titanfall? Well it seems like Jennifer Lopez's new Netflix sci-fi movie Atlas was inspired by Titanfall. Basically, we have Titanfall at home, the Netflix movie is called Atlas.

Even the name is based on Titanfall because Atlas is also the original Titan model produced by Hammond Robotics. There is also a scene of mechs dropping which again is similar to “Stand by for Titanfall” Then the AI BT-7274 (BT) was replaced by another AI called Smith. So is it really inspired? Because it seems like this is Titanfall. Well according to the director Brad Peyton it's inspired by Cast Away, Avatar, Aliens, Titanfall, and other old movies. So in a way, they did not directly say Titanfall but everyone who saw the trailer knows where it's inspired from

Arena Breakout Infinite PC Requirements
If you like Escape from Tarkov, you can play the mobile version called Arena Breakout. But recently it was announced the mobile game is getting a PC version called Arena Breakout: Infinite and if you are interested a closed beta test will start this May for Steam users. Have you played this type of game?

Since Arena Breakout is coming to PC the system requirements were provided by Steam. Based on the sentiment online it's a bit demanding.

The minimum requirements for Arena Breakout: Infinite is a 64 Bit Windows 10, Core i7-9700 or Ryzen 7 3700X, 16 GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2060 or Radeon RX 5600 XT or Arc A580, with 100GB of storage. Something to note is this minimum requirement is for the closed beta for May so maybe it's not fully optimized yet. Then here are the recommended requirements for Arena Breakout: Infinite a 64 Bit Windows 10 Core i7-10700KF or Ryzen 7 3700X, 32 GB RAM, GeForce RTX 2080 or Radeon RX 6800 XT with 100GB of storage. So what are your thoughts Let us know in the comments.

Tarko Devs say Arena Breakout is Plagiarism
But wait there's more, because recently Escape from Tarkov $250 unhead edition. Because of the cost and apparently a paywalled PVE content fans of the game got pissed. So what Arena Breakout did is they posted a response. Basically saying “taking all the homeless shooter layer players with a big goodbye wave to Tarkov”.

Of Course, the developers of Escape from Tarkov are not happy so they respond by saying. Have a nice 20-minute adventure in the blatant plagiarist game. In and out. The tweet was posted by the Battlestate Games, this are the escape from Tarkovs developer. You could say there are similarities or inspiration but its the court to decide on this Not sure what's the plan here maybe they plan to sue Arena Breakout?

TikTok Ban
So recently the current sitting US president has signed a foreign aid bill. Inserted on that bill is that ByteDance would have nine months to divest. Basically, TikTok is forced to find a new owner or be banned from the United States,

What will happen? TikTok would be prohibited from US app stores and from “internet hosting services” effectively restricting new downloads of the app and interaction with its content. So who cares if it's in the US, what if this happens in the Philippines? Do you want the same?

TikTok Response, In a video posted to TikTok, company CEO Shou Chew told users, “Rest assured: we aren’t going anywhere.” Basically, TikTok is threatening legal action to oppose the law, He said this would devastate the platform’s 170 million US users and 7 million businesses. But what are your thoughts?

Mobile Legends Esports Tool
Seems like the Mobile Legends esports community got an upgrade And feels like a response to Wild Rift grassroots community-led tournaments
do you know about this?

Recently Ray Ng Moonton Games head of of esports ecosystem wants to simplify the tournament and hosting process. So basically MOONTON Games announced third-party support features for streamlined MLBB tournament hosting.

Ray Ng also mentioned he wants to reduce barriers to entry, as well as empower them with the tools, knowledge, and resources they need. With the new process you don't need to collect user ids and then add them as friends now organizers can invite players by using a QR code or tournament id

This new feature was made in partnership with globally recognized tournament platforms including Battlefy, Challonge, and Toornament. A guide is provided in the MLBB Tournament Tool.

Then if you want to do a large-scale tournament organizers can apply for the "Major Community Tournament License. if approved a wealth of resources becomes accessible. Some of the features include a dedicated server boasting unlocked heroes and emblems' official certification to proudly display the MLBB logo marketing support across official MLBB channels

Finally, Ray Ng said this launch is just the beginning; we will continue to invest in and collaborate with our community to shape the future of competitive gaming

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