Mobile Legends Top 10 Best Assassins iOS Android 


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Sep 2, 2021
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Assassins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang offer a fun variety of playstyles that is both challenging and very rewarding to pull off.

This Top 10 list will show you the top 10 assassins in MLBB in the current patch so you may get a grasp on which assassin you should pick up on your next match!

Equipped with high burst damage and high mobility, assassins are able to infiltrate team fights and finish off opposing targets who are low in health or are trying to escape. Timing is essential in making an assassin shine—while some of these assassins deal high damage and have enough mobility to survive a clash, some assassins are better off waiting until the final moment to strike.

Assassins are usually used as junglers or they may focus on defending the Gold Lane. A good assassin is more likely to ensure victory because of how agile they can be during team fights. As with any hero, the best way to improve with them is to play.