Mobile Legends - Top 10 Best Heroes Based on Official Statistics for Patch 1.5.08

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With the adjustments brought by Patch 1.5.08, a change in the list of best heroes is expected. Have an idea which heroes are the best to use right now? Then, let's look at the best heroes currently!

This list will be based from the official statistics found in the ML:BB Official Website. For better accuracy, the filter used for the best heroes is Ranked Game in Legend and higher ranks only. This list is taken from the September 10, 2020 data. Check this post out and it will be explained why these heroes are in this list.

The order in this list will be in increasing win rate percentage.

1. Kimmy


  • Win Rate: 53%
  • Pick Rate: 0.43%
  • Ban Rate: 0.07%
Kimmy stays at Top 10 even after the newest patch note! Her carrying ability might be underestimated by others but she can actually do both pushing and dealing burst damage even with a magic items build! This also makes Kimmy a flexible hero to use.

Even adjusting to a line-up is not hard for Kimmy since even with another marksman, she can be built and used as a mage to complement the team composition. Her ability to get other objectives like turtle and lord also helps a lot for the whole team thus giving a higher success chance to win as long as you know how to play her properly.

2. Khaleed


  • Win Rate: 53.05%
  • Pick Rate: 1.1%
  • Ban Rate: 8.78%
Khaleed is a new hero just before the MPL Season 6 Regular Season opens that is why players took a while to learn how to play him at maximum potential. He is now actually used not only as an offlane but as a tank. He has great sustain capabilities along with damage and initiation potential.

For this season wherein setter tanks are most likely banned, other heroes that has a great initiation skill has become a trend even if they are mainly used as other roles. His early game damage is insane at level 1 and can take first blood with just skill 1. That explains his high ban rate.

3. Hylos


  • Win Rate: 53.35%
  • Pick Rate: 1.89%
  • Ban Rate: 0.42%
Hylos comes back in the rankings! He previously got a lower win rate and pick rate due to the popularity Atlas. But since Atlas is now a top banned hero, Hylos has been quite picked more again. He is also naturally tanky just like Atlas not in terms of hybrid defense but because of his passive that gives additional HP with every mana points he gained from items.

This makes Dominance Ice and Twilight Armor very beneficial. A very efficient tank for this META. His invade and zoning potential is also a great threat for the enemy team. He shines in early game and can scare aware any othee heroes even against a powerful Grock and Lunox duo.

As Natalia also shines due to her current adjustments, Hylos is being more picked to counter her. His ability to stun a locked target makes him more successful than other tanks which skills most likely miss when against skilled players.

4. Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin.png

  • Win Rate: 53.45%
  • Pick Rate: 1.58%
  • Ban Rate: 28.17%
The revamped Yi Sun Shin has now been noticed more in Rankes Games. That is why he is now banned more. His stats are still outstanding despite of the small nerf this patch. His impressive performance is not that surprising since even professional tournaments showed that he is indeed one of the best carry heroes currently.

Yi Sun Shin can farm fast, scales well, and has mobility and survivability. He can take objectives quickly and be very helpful in teamfights. He also has a global presence because of his ultimate skill that can deal damage to the enemies anywhere in the map and can reveal their locations. He also has the ability to be immune to crowd control. What else will you look for about this hero?

5. Baxia


  • Win rate: 53.45%
  • Pick rate: 0.59%
  • Ban Rate: 0.1%
Baxia is one of the best among the remaining tanks especially when Atlas and Khufra is unavailable. Even if he has low pick rate, having a high win rate means he really is worth picking. This data is for ranked games only but in professional tournaments, he is mostly picked for either a tank or offlaner role. He can actually do both.

He is a counter against High HP Regen heroes like Uranus and Estes. He also reduces the lifesteal gained by enemies due to his passive so he is a counterpick to Esmeralda, Thamuz, and other high lifesteal heroes. He counters both physical and magical lifesteal including skill lifesteal.

6. Masha


  • Win Rate: 54.29%
  • Pick Rate: 0.68%
  • Ban Rate: 0.37%
Masha is known to be the best in getting objectives. She can kill turtle and lord fast even if solo. She can destroy turrets fast. She is also very good in 1v1 situations.

Most players are teamfight-oriented that is why she is not popular. But as long as Masha is used by a good player that can adapt in many situations, there will always be a way to secure a victory just by securing objectives. Besides, objective wins games. Her plus quality as an offlaner is that she can steal the enemy red buff at the start of the game with ease.

7. Chang'e


  • Win Rate: 54.35%
  • Pick Rate: 2.91%
  • Ban Rate: 2.61%
Chang'e was previously top 9 but climbed up to Top 4! Her win rate, pick rate, and even ban rate all increased! Chang'e might be easily countered by some tanks like Lolita and Baxia yet players now starts to adjust their playstyle to play against her common counters.

Chang'e is now worth the risk since she now deals higher damage output and faster movement. She can also be played as an offlaner as demonstrated in the professional league. She can deal higher damage to turrets compared to other mages. She can prevent a push or even scare to enemies away to leave the lane.

Her very long range and high damage per second is also significant. Along with the META changes and adjustments, Chang'e is again seen in high competitive matches. Her capability to also steal the enemy buff easily and quickly is an advantage especially for solo queue players.

8. Carmilla


  • Win Rate: 54.43%
  • Pick Rate: 0.26%
  • Ban Rate: 0.05%
Carmilla stays at Top 3! She is still one of the best support heroes to use right now. She can also be used as an offlaner. Her win rate and pick rate also increased this week compared to the previous week's stat. Her pick rate was only increased by 0.11% but that is still an increase. She is tanky because of her passive. She has CC because of her second skill.

She can last long in teamfights and give sustained damage and lifesteal because of her first skill. Her ultimate skill is also a game changer. She may not be a very popular pick in solo queue but she can definitely help in winning games as long as you have a trustworthy carry hero.

9. Freya


  • Win Rate: 54.53%
  • Pick Rate: 0.92%
  • Ban Rate: 0.78%
Some solo queue players start to recognized Freya as one of the best heroes to use as a solo player. It is because of her carrying ability even as an offlaner. She can also be the team's initiator since she tends to jump at the middle of a teamfight. One of her great characteristics is that she has a very fast wave clear capability even at level 1. As long as she is played by a great-skilled player, her weakness such as lacking of poke capability won't be much of a problem.

The META is really different from solo queue and from party queue and even from professional scene. Even if Freya doesn't shine much in more team-oriented scene, she definitely shines and can dominate in solo queue situations.

10. Lolita


  • Win Rate: 54.94%
  • Pick Rate: 0.42%
  • Ban Rate: 0.05%
Lolita seems to be staying in this list for some more time. She is a tank/support that counters the Marksman META. Her second skill can deny the damage from any projectiles and long-ranged basic attacks. She is a popular counterpick against Granger, Karrie, Kimmy, and Chang'e.

Thus, there is no doubt why she shines in the current META. She can even blocked the ultimate skill of Cecillion. Recently, her pick rate decreases but not her win rate. The rise of other tanks and supports might be a reason why Lolita became a situational pick again. Yet, she still stayed as one of the heroes with the highest win rate.

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