Mobile Legends Top 10 Best Heroes Based on Official Statistics this February 2020 Week 3

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Nov 25, 2019
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This list will be based from the official statistics found in the ML:BB Official Website. For better accuracy, the filter used for the best heroes is Ranked Game in Very High Elo for all server. You might probably be surprised which heroes have the highest win rate for this week. Check this post out and it will be explained why these heroes are in this list.

The order in this list will be from best to very best.

1. Selena
  • Win Rate: 52.61%
  • Pick Rate: 0.9%
Selena is currently an S Tier Assassin. She has a high carrying potential because of her burst damage, push capability, and her signature Abyssal Arrow. She is also very versatile and can be played as a support.

2. Gatotkaca
  • Win Rate: 52.87%
  • Pick Rate: 0.54%
Gatotkaca has quite a low pick rate. But getting to this list with such win rate means he still has the potential to be used competitively, unlike other heroes that is overused. Because of Gatotkaca's Passive, you only need to build 1 or 2 Magical Defense Items and the rest will be HP Items.

His item building path might be very easy but his mechanics is quite hard that is why he is not used popularly. But how about giving him a try so that you can also see how tanky and useful he really is.

3. Kimmy
  • Win Rate: 53.15%
  • Pick Rate: 0.95%
Because of the nerf two patch notes ago, Kimmy continues to slide down in the list. Not only her win rate but her pick rate also decreases by a percent. But just a spoiler, she is the only marksman in this list.

4. Carmilla
  • Win Rate: 53.18%
  • Pick Rate: 0.51%
Her low pick rate is because she is mostly banned in very high elo. She is one of the best heroes to use right now. She is tanky because of her passive. She has CC because of her second skill. She can last long in teamfights and give sustained damage and lifesteal because of her first skill.

Her ultimate skill is also a game changer. Let's observe if her nerf will get her out of this list, or at least in the ban prison.

5. Hylos
  • Win Rate: 53.33%
  • Pick Rate: 1.26%
The second tank in this list. Due to his natural high HP, all the player will do is to build defense items. Hylos has single-target CC Skill, high damage per second, and an ultimate skill that is also perfect for the mobility META.

6. Grock
  • Win Rate: 53.52%
  • Pick Rate: 1%
Another tank for this list! He is naturally tanky because of his passive that gives a very high amount of physical and magical defense. A very efficient tank for this META.

7. Khufra
  • Win Rate: 54.02%
  • Pick Rate: 1.84%
Khufra is one of the best tanks right now. He mat not be very tanky but his skills are annoying. It all has crowd control effect and he is nightmare for blink-reliant heroes. Since the current META is about mobility and crowd control, Khufra will definitely shine.

8. Kaja
  • Win Rate: 54.46%
  • Pick Rate: 0.73%
Kaja is a fighter/support that is also dominating the META. Since Franco was banned until January 14, most players pick Kaja and he was proven very successful. He just received a buff that makes him deal more early game damage. We have made an in-depth discussion about it and it can be found in this site.

9. Diggie
  • Win Rate: 55.76%
  • Pick Rate: 0.2%
He has still a very low pick rate. It is because Diggie is a support and most players only play solo. Unlike Kaja which is also a fighter, Diggie has lesser carrying potential. Diggie is good because of the poke damage from his first skill and the crowd control removal and immunity especially from his ultimate skill.

In the current META where crowd control is a neccessity, Diggie will also be picked and a very effective counter-META.

10. Lolita
  • Win Rate: 56.55%
  • Pick Rate: 0.89%
Are you still surprised that Lolita has the highest win rate? She is the fourth support hero and fifth tank hero in this list. She is a tank/support that counters what we know as the current Marksman META. Her second skill can deny the damage from any projectiles and long-ranged basic attacks. She is a popular counterpick against Granger, Karrie, Kimmy, and Chang'e.

Thus, there is no doubt why she shines in the current META. She can even blocked the ultimate skill of Cecillion.

Tell us your thoughts about this list by commenting below.


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Apr 13, 2020
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Gatot and diggie!!!! Hahaha

Kasali sana si Uranus ung hindi na revamp... Pogi na ung mga dating skills niya EH...

Selena is nerffed Hahaha... Shorter range na skill nya...
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