Mobile Legends - Top 4 Worst Heroes This Week Based on Official Statistics

This list will be based from the official statistics found in the ML:BB Official Website. For better accuracy, the filter used for the top 4 worst heroes is Ranked Game in Very High Elo for all server.

You might probably be surprised which heroes have the lowest win rate this week. Check this post out and this will explain why probably those heroes are in this list.

The order in this list will be from worse to worst.

1. Miya

  • Win Rate: 41.61%
  • Pick Rate: 0.43%
Miya is currently a B Tier Marksman. She is an easy to use hero that is why she is popular in lower ranks. But in higher ranks, Miya does not perform very well. Despite being called the Queen of Attack Speed, it is not enough to call her one of the META marksman.

She lacks blink skill that is why she can easily be killed by enemy assassins. Once she is disabled, it will only take few hits to delete her out of a teamfight.

2. Harith

  • Win Rate: 41.11%
  • Pick Rate: 0.44%
Half a percent lower win rate than Miya. A hundredth of a percent more pick rate than Miya. The higher pick rate might be a reason why he has a lower win rate than Miya. But actually being in the top 4 lowest win rate list means, Harith is overnerfed in the current patch.

He is lesser picked yet his win rate still drops down. That is why the developers decided to buff Harith again in the upcoming update this January 14, 2020.

3. Layla

  • Win Rate: 37.88%
  • Pick Rate: 0.38%
It is not surprising for most players that Layla is in this list. She just lacks everything that is why she can't be used for competitive games. Her skill set is only designed for beginners especially those who are new in playing MOBA.

Even some already suggested that Layla should be buffed, that might not happen since she is really designed to be a very easy to use hero and not as an overpowered hero.

4. Balmond

  • Win Rate: 37.53%
  • Pick Rate: 0.24%
Do you thought at first that Layla will be the worst in this list? Unfortunately, there is another one. Balmond is a tank/fighter. Unlike Masha, Balmond relies on his skills to deal damage. Balmond can be built with full damage items and he can deal high damage because of that but he won't be as tanky as what Masha is.

Balmond pure tank build is also not that good because he still do not absorb much damage efficiently. Similar with Layla, he is designed to be a very easy to use hero. In compensation of being an easy to use hero, his skills are not designed for competitive games.

Are you surprised that Harith is on this list?Harith is already confirmed to be buffed next update. The other heroes in this list are not. But are you hoping for them to be adjusted even just a little? Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.