Mobile Legends Top 5 Best Tanks iOS Android 


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Sep 2, 2021
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Tanks are essential members of a team in any MOBA. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang provides great tanks with unique abilities that offer a lot to the team.

This top 5 list will show you the top 5 tanks in MLBB in the current patch to help you choose the best tank to go with your team.

Tanks have high defense and typically guard the frontlines to receive damage and to help the team by charging and initiating team fights. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang does a pretty good job at giving these heroes some variety with their abilities. Tanks can be used in the side lanes in place of a fighter and in turn, some fighters even work well as tanks.

With their high defense and low damage, they must know when and how to charge during battle. It could mean victory or defeat when an initiating move goes right or wrong. Many tanks have abilities that can stun and gather enemies and this is important as one mistake from the enemies could ensure your win.