Mobile Legends Top 8 Worst Heroes to use in the current META

With the release of Yu Zhong and other adjustments brought by Patch 1.4.86, let us analyze the current META.

This list will be based from the official statistics found in the ML:BB Official Website. For better accuracy, the filter used for the worst heroes is [This Week] , [Ranked Game], [Very High Elo], [All server].

The heroes with the lowest win rates will be listed. Check this post out and it will be explained why these heroes are in this list.

The order in this list will be in increasing win rate percentage.

1. Layla

Win Rate: 37.49%
Pick Rate: 0.34%

Layla has the lowest win rate among all heroes. Even with a low pick rate, she still has the lowest win rate. This means that even those who are in the leaderboards climbing to be the Top Layla user finds it hard to win games. The current META really just not favors Layla which scales slowly. She is only scary at max level wherein she has items and her range is at max. But in the current fast-phase games, the game will end even before Layla can reach her full potential.

2. Balmond

Win Rate: 40.31%
Pick Rate: 0.31%

Even after the adjustments to him in the latest patch note, players still don't use him much. He even has lower pick rate than Layla but has a huge difference in win rate. This means the adjustments to Balmond is not enough to make him have at least a higher win rate. The reason for this is his skill set. There is really nothing much special in his skills except for his ultimate skill that can secure lord and turtle. Yet, there are other heroes to can do that and even do a lot more than Balmond. Example is X.Borg. He can do better than Balmond sinve aside from having similar effect of their ultimate skills, the passive of X.Borg and other skills have much more to offer.

3. Miya

Win Rate: 42.24%
Pick Rate: 0.32%

Miya has a bit higher pick rate but much higher in win rate. But compared to the more viable marksman heroes, Miya also lacks what it takes to make it to the best heroes. The reason why Miya is in this list is that she has no blink skill. She can be easily hunted down by enemies since her only mean of escape is her ultimate skill. Other marksman at least have blink abilities in their skills which makes a huge difference compared to Miya.

4. Saber

Win Rate: 42.42%
Pick Rate: 0.23%

Another hero with a very low pick rate. The problem with Saber is again his skill set. There is nothing in his skills that can help him farm faster. But in terms of teamfight, he is decent. But all heroes need farm to be stronger so without enough farm, he can't be much of a help in teamfight. Another scary hero late game and in 1v1 but not much of a threat without farm.

5. Eudora

Win Rate: 43.72%
Pick Rate: 0.56%

Another significant difference in terms of win rate and pick rate between Eudora and the previously-mentioned heroes in this list. Eudora also lacks a blink skill thus an easy target for enemies. Her lack of survivability makes her burst damage inefficient.

6. Zilong

Win Rate: 44.44%
Pick Rate: 0.61%

In this list, Zilong has the highest pick rate. So that means many players actually agree on this list that is why the worst heroes are being used less than most heroes. Zilong is also one of the heroes that heavily needs items and farm to be at least useful. He looks have a good mobility but he has no free-target blink skill. Thus, he can't use a blink skill to escape unless there is an enemy unit other than heroes around that is safe for his second skill to be casted.

7. Karina

Win Rate: 44.72%
Pick Rate: 0.46%

Unlike other assassins with magic damage specialty, Karina lacks the burst potential to kill even a squishy hero in one combo. She needs to wait for it to have a low health first thus a heavy reliance on ally's poke damage. She also has no free-target blink skill. Her mobility set is almost similar with Zilong too. Her problem is really more on the skill set.

8. Cyclops

Win Rate: 44.95%
Pick Rate: 0.1%

Cyclops has the highest win rate among all heroes in this list which all have a win rate less than 45%. He also has the lowest pick rate in this list. That means those who are using Cyclops are more of a leaderboard players and less trolls unlike in other heroes. One of the problem for Cyclops aside from not having a blink skill is his purple buff dependency. In the current funnel META, it will be hard for Cyclops compared to other heroes that can be still powerful even without buff. To name a few, Esmeralda and Gusion can still deal burst damage and be useful in many other ways even without purple buff. But for Cyclops, his performance will be very different depending if he has purple buff or not.

That's it for this list. Tell us your thoughts by commenting below.