Mobile Legends Top Banned Heroes in Rank Mythic 400 points and above - 2nd week of May 2022 Update

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It's been almost a month after Revamped Akai along with the adjustments implemented with the Patch Note released on April 2022. The current metagame is already explored enough by the players and the statistics from the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang website starts to stabilize. One of the most interesting stats is the Top Banned heroes especially in the higher ranks like Mythic starting from 400 points and above. Here are the Top 6 banned heroes right now taken from the stats on the start of second week of May 2022.


1. Valentina

She remains a top ban with 89.01% ban rate. Even in pro tournaments, she is rarely not banned. And if that rare case happened, there is a high chance that she will be picked. It is because of her very versatile ultimate skill and even without that, she is already a legit threat with enough damage and mobility.

2. Wanwan

She is arguably the best marksman hero right now. Even in the recent pro tournaments, she is a top ban or if not banned, will get picked. Her ultimate skill is now easier to unlocked and with Inspire, she becomes more deadlier. Her ban rate at Mythic 400+ is 74.28%.


3. Ling

He remains a top threat due to his superior mobility and now, more damage output potential. It is because the change in his crit and othed damage adjustments helped him to still survive the current bulkier metagame. His ban rate is 72.82% at ranks Mythic 400+ points.

4. Karina

She is also a top jungler right now just like Ling. In terms of stats in ban rate, she is also close with Ling's as she has a 72.64% ban rate in Mythic 400+ points ranked games. She is still built as a tankier one to complement the current metagame. This helps her clear jungle fast too.


5. Xavier

The difference between the ban rate of Xavier and the first four is quite huge already. His ban rate is 47.7% in the same rank filter as the top four. It is because he might not be that overpowered but his global skill is game-changing. That makes him enough of a threat to get a top ban priority.

6. Grock

He is the 6th most banned hero right now in Mythic 400+ points ranked games with 44.56%. This is close with the 7th one which is Hilda which she has 44.18% ban rate. Both of them are tanks that annoys enemy junglers at early game because of their invade potential. The 8th top ban which is Franco also has a similar reason why they are top bans.

That sums up this list for the top bans. This might be different in Epic to Legends ranks because of the difference in gameplay and skill level. This just gives an idea on how the top players strategize in the game through banning heroes.

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