Mobile Legends Top Heroes to Ban Right Now! - New Season and New Patch

The new season has just began along with the new patch notes. It is now time to check the data and assess which heroes should be banned right now.

This will be objective since statistical data from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Website will be used. The data was taken about a week after the new season and the newest patch notes.

6-ban system is not only applied in Mythic tier but also in Epic and Legend. Although, the statistics to be used is based on the games on Legend+ Ranks. So this list will feature six heroes, arranged in increasing ban rate.

1. Helcurt

Ban Rate: 25.17%

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Helcurt's ban rate decreases after the nerf two patch notes ago. Unlike before that he is an auto-ban, he is now only banned about 1 time in 4 games. Still, Helcurt is still part of the top heroes to ban since he is still a great threat especially in uncoordinated teams. If you don't want your teammates to feed, might as well ban Helcurt since giving it to the enemy will make them snowball and secure the victory.

2. Natalia

Ban Rate: 62.86%

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Natalia is also one of the greatest threats not only in uncoordinated teams but even in the high competitive scene. One of the ideas to take note about Natalia is that the enemy might better do a 0-3-2 lane distribution. It is because when there is a solo hero, Natalia can easily roam towards that lane and kill it. Knowing this idea opens a lot of possible winning tactics for the one who got Natalia. That is a main reason why Natalia is one of the top bans rights now.

3. Esmeralda

Ban Rate: 64.12%

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The most effective tactic for her right now is still as a sidelaner. It is also quite logical that Esmeralda has a higher ban rate than Natalia since Esmeralda still has a good chance to survive even as a solo sidelaner with an enemy Natalia. Her amazing sustain and carry plus tank potential in the mid to late game are of course part of the many reasons why Esmeralda is also a top ban hero.

4. Barats

Ban Rate: 70.77%

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Another annoying META sidelane hero that has tanking and damage potential is Barats. Even after the consecutive nerfs, players still generally agree that he should be part of the top banned heroes. The idea for banning Barats, especially in solo queue, is to avoid having a super tanky hero in the late game. His tankiness is really annoying aside from his crowd controls and damage.

5. Benedetta

Ban Rate: 84.41%

Benedetta was adjusted in the latest patch notes but players still considered her as an overpowered hero that is why she really is still auto-banned right now. Her mobility that seems next to Ling and Fanny gives her great advantage in rotation, teamfights, and getting overall objectives to win the game. It is less the fact that she is not that much purple buff reliant compared to Ling and Fanny. Her versatility in roles, since she can be used as a jungler or laner, also has an impact in the competitive scene. The damage is normal for an assassin but it is still worth taking note for. Those players will good mechanical skills can really abuse the abilities of this hero to win most of the times. No one really argues about her being always banned.

6. Brody

Ban Rate: 87.39%

Benedetta might seem to be the most banned hero because of many reasons but Brody is also the same. The difference is that Brody is easier to use thus even a not-so-good player can abuse this hero to easily climb up the rank even with less experience and knowledge. If he is a threat in lower tier, then he is much more annoying in the competitive scene. Even with just a Blade of Despair, he can reach maximum efficiency thus the remaining slots will be open for defense items which will make him tanky and even harder to eliminate. Brody is expected to be adjusted again soon since he really seems so overpowered that players call him a "broken" hero. Until he is fixed and be balanced, Brody is definitely a must ban!

That wraps up this list. Make sure to take note of the ideas to properly execute tactical bans which you can use even as a solo queue player.

Hope you learned some ideas behind the banning tactics. Stay tuned for more!