Mobile Legends Top Up Guide - Playstore

This a Mobile Legends top up or recharge guide for Android users using Paymaya or network billing via globe or smart telecom.

According to the results of Survey before, quite a lot of players don't really know how to recharge with Google Play Store in-game.

In order to solve the problems, we created a tutorial to explain the payment flow with Google Play Store.

Tutorial 1 Via Credit Card or PayMaya

Step 1: Select the type of Purchase in the in-game store, you will be greeted with a variety of options so chose which suits your Mobile Legends needs.

Step 2: Select Add New Credit Card if you haven't added before, do note a credit card or paymaya account is required.

Step 3: Add Credit Card information code will be available at the back of the card or paymaya. This information are all provided in the card if not you can contact the bank card provider.

Step 3: Wait for the process to complete, this will take some time depending on your network or internet speed.

Tutorial 2 Via Network

Step 1: Select Telecom you want your bills to be charged, this works for Globe, Sun, and Smart Telecom

Step 2: Select the purchase that you want for recharge or top up.
Step 3: Wait for the process to complete, this depends on the internet speed

Congratulations you now manage to top up your Mobile Legends account! Feel free to post questions below if the process is not the same or if you are having any problems!

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