Mobile Legends : Tricks and Hacks

Chris B

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Apr 10, 2020
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Map Hack

Hey what's Guys?
Wanna have some mobile legends tricks or should i say hack?
If yes then you are in the right place.
I will teach you how to see enemies anywhere in the map.
Ok lets start now.

1.You must download these file.

You must login or register to view code content.

You must login or register to view code content.

2.After you download all files unzip the radar file using zArchiver.

3.Click the unzip file and then you will see a file named MobaLogicAndroidData.unity3d, copy it then place it in this directory.....
Android>Data>>files>dragon>assests>Any>Android... Then paste it there..

(If you can't see the file directory then you have to turn on the notification of mobile legends...)

4.After pasting start mobile legends.

5.Wait until the evolution:battle.

6.If it reach the evolution:battle then press the home button quickly.

7.Go to zArchiver and then delete the file that we paste.

8.You can enjoy now the map radar trick or should i say cheat.

Working on warrior to mythic...

Just don't forget to delete the file that you paste because ML will detect it and you will get ban for many times forgeting to delete it so Good Luck....

Comment if it works


Newbie Gamer
Apr 10, 2020
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sir ask ko lang pano pag walang "any" ang nakkita ko lang is Android na agad?