Mobile Legends Trickster's Eve 2018 and Patch 1.3.22

Join the endless frenzy of souls! The Trickster's Eve 2018 is coming! To enjoy the unparalleled game experience, login and try the all-new mode - Deathbattle on Oct. 26th! And of course, the Halloween classic - Trick or Treat will also arrive in the Land of Dawn. Awesome rewards await. Check our Trickster's Eve 2018 event spotlight to find out!

Trickster's Eve 2018 Event Spotlight Breakdown

Change Upon Death, Reborn Endlessly! Brand New Winning Rules: Death is not the end anymore. New Mode - Deathbattle Available on Oct. 26th for a Limited Time!

Halloween classic - Trick or Treat is NOW available! Login and come to get candy now! Awesome rewards await, including Halloween exclusive avatar border FOR FREE! And special item - Pumpkin Head can unlock a special battle effect in the match. Login and try it right away!

Event Trailer

The Patch 1.3.22 now available!Take a look at the game’s latest changes and updates:

  1. Deathbattle: You can change your Heroes in battlefield. Also, there are more win conditions than just destroying the enemy base. Eliminating a certain number of enemy heroes will also lead your team to victory!
  2. Adjustments in Medal awarding system: The improved grading system will now take into account the damage dealt to enemy heroes, turrets, and damage taken. Not only that, but the system will also take into account damage dealt against to turrets, KDA, team fights, economy, and more!
  3. Adjustments in jungling equipment: We enhanced some jungling equipment and prolonged the Damage reduction period of the battle spell, Retribution.
  4. New Time-limited Tasks: You can light up Soul Lanterns after you complete tasks. When all the Soul Lanterns are lit up, a Magic Circle will be unlocked. Long tap to draw the picture to unlock rewards.
  5. New Hero: The Splat Queen, Kimmy coming soon.
  6. More Halloween Events coming soon!


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