Mobile Legends Tricksters Eve, Globe Telecom, PUBG Dead?, Cyber Hunter and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Lets talk about Mobile Legends Tricksters Eve breakdown, Globe Telecom Low Latency? Cyber Hunter, PUBG Dead? RoS RGS Cheaters, Spell Break, Battlefield V Battle royale mode deyaled.

Globe Telecom Low Latency
  • Globe Telecoms has recently extended its internet reachability further into Europe
  • Wow Europe, pero dito sa aming lugar wala parin
  • according to the reports, Globe peered with DE-CIX a german carrier and IXP Operator
  • To those who don't know what an IXP is?
  • hindi ko rin alam
  • but basically it enables multi network traffic which translates to low latency
  • So in gaming terms lower latency better gaming
  • Pero uulitin ko umabot na ang Globe sa Europe pero wala parin ako internet sa QC! Bwiset!
  • As for the benefits of this? globe users have you noticed any improvement?
  • if none comment your rant below on Globe Telecom so we can angy together!

PUBG Dead?
  • IS PUBG Dead?
  • what do you think? this question has been debated around several FB groups
  • For our short answer it's simply a NO
  • Why?
  • Regardless of the release of other Battle Royale games pubg still very popular in fact its still peaking more than 1 million players which is still impressive
  • although it's not even close to its 3 million players last january
  • That's why PUBG is not dead, it's just that the player base is declining rapidly
  • How fast?
  • according to steam charts the player base is losing at least an 85k players per month which is computed in an average of 3 months
  • In our honest opinion Call of Duty or Fortnite will not kill PUBG if that's what you want
  • its PUBG themselves that will kill the game if they dont get their act together as many players and even streamers say the devs are not listening to the community
  • So in a final note PUBG is not dead it's just dying slowly

Cyber Hunter

  • Remember the Fortnite Clone called Project Battle from netease?
  • Well the game is now called Cyber Hunter
  • To those who don't know like fortnite, Cyber Hunter is a Battle Royale Game with building mechanics
  • The game will also include character customization that goes further into appearance as you can now change eyes, face, makeup and hair
  • The game's theme is more of sci fi from guns to vehicle options
  • and like fortnite you can gather materials to build
  • Just an additional Information Netease is the developer behind Rules of Survival, hopefully they dont get sued by epic games
  • If you are interested the game is currently on PlayStore with unreleased status however you still install it on your device and be able to play it on Beta schedule

RoS RGS Cheaters
  • The cheating problem in RoS is so bad that if affects International tournaments
  • why?
  • because recently
  • Several players and teams in the Rules of Survival Tournament have been disqualified
  • To those who don't know RGS is the official Tournament for the Rules of Survival game
  • and according to the RGS committee some members have violated the Rule for Team Member Conduct
  • which states that if a player breach the user agreement in the tournament or leverage may plugins like cheats the officials may disqualify the players or team
  • So based from this ruling it seems several members of the team xkiller and 4kings have used cheat or hacks in an official event
  • Currently, this players and teams are disqualified
  • This just shows that cheating in Rules of Survival is so bad that even in tournaments it happens

Spell Break

  • Do you like Zelda, Skyrim and PUBG?
  • Well a new upcoming battle royale game called spell break is now in Pre Alpha
  • So what's new in this game?
  • Like the name suggest instead of guns we get to use combination spells
  • The graphics is reminiscent to Zelda Breath of the wild from environment to explosion
  • The game is also like an RPG with crafting and quests
  • So if you are interested you can sign up on their website, do note its on pre alpha

Battlefield V

  • For those waiting for Battlefield V battle royale mode
  • well bad news cause recently DICE announced that the Battle Royale mode of Battlefield V will not be included in the Nov release
  • but instead it will be added in 2019
  • and because of this fans are divided as some feel that DICE is selling them an unfinished game
  • What do you think?

Mobile Legends Tricksters Eve 2018

  • The yearly Mobile Legends Tricksters Eve has started so if you are new to this event here are the things you should know
  • The event will introduce a new game mode called Death Battle
  • In this mode 12 heroes will be randomly selected for you to use with the default build and an option to modify it
  • and if you sell an item you will receive 100% of the gold back
  • however if the hero dies you can no longer use the same hero again also the turret or jungle will randomly be spawned but you only have to wait 25 seconds
  • also note there can be no same hero at the same time
  • So for players who intentionally kill their character after 10 deaths you will have a debuff that will reduce damage for 15%
  • And finally To win the game you can destroy the enemy base but also the first team that reaches the first 30 kill will win the game
  • So what else are in this event? well of course Trick or Treat where you can ask up to 10 friends to give you candy but you will only receive 7 while the remaining 3 on the next day
  • What if your friend does not give you candy?
  • Well your friends will get an avatar of shame which cannot be removed unless you give candy
  • Other ways to earn candies is by completing daily tasks
  • So what are the perks of giving candy?
  • After giving away 35 candies you will unlock the Pumpkin Avatar Border for free
  • So that's it for our Mobile Legends Tricksters Eve 2018 event spotlight