Mobile Legends Trickster’s Eve Special Edition Deathbattle Game Mode is now here!

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has released a specialized game mode just for this upcoming spooky season.

deathbattle final.jpg

Moonton has made an exclusive Halloween-themed game mode for the Trickster’s Eve event that has started today. The new game mode, known as Deathbattle, features new gameplay mechanics and a Halloween-themed map. It will last until the end of October.

In Deathbattle mode, players can only choose heroes from a randomly selected group of heroes. The team that will first accumulate 30 kills will win the match. However, there’s another way to win, just take down the enemies’ nexus like in the normal gameplay.

The other feature of Deathbattle is the “Kings of Trickster.” For every kill that you get, you will get a candy. But if you get killed, the candies that you have acquired will be lost. Once you have acquired enough candies, the title of Kings of Trickster will be bestowed upon you and your hero’s stat will be given a bonus, a pumpkin head will also be given to you as the Kings of Trickster. However, it comes with a consequence, the “Kings” cannot hide and thus, sneaking their way to kill an opponent will be tricky. Players that are the Kings of Trickster can only lose their title when they die.

king of tricksters.jpg

The map for the Deathbattle game mode was retextured. The map was given spooky ornaments to fit the Halloween theme of the game mode.

final map.jpg

Moreover, when the player dies, they will turn into a harmless ghost and can freely roam the map while they wait to respawn. This could be perfect because the players could scout the map.

ghost hunting.jpg

Deathbattle game mode is nice but don’t forget the other features of Trickster’s Eve event. Make sure to take advantage of the mini-game events that Moonton has prepared for the Halloween celebration. The assassin hero Aamon is also now here.


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