Mobile Legends Twilight Armor Guide - The Anti-Crit Item

Twilight Armor is one of the newly revamped item in Mobile Legends. Aside from the damage received limiter, it now also have a crit damage reduction stat. That is why from being unpopular, this item is now one of the most useful item in the game to counter some META heroes.

Twilight Armor $2100
  • +1200 HP
  • +400 Mana
  • +20% Crit Damage Reduction
UNIQUE PASSIVE - Defiance: Physical Damage taken will not exceed 900 points. The CD is 4s.
BUILD PATH: Ares Belt + Power Crystal + Vitality Crystal

Twilight Armor Guide.jpg

  • Gives 3rd highest HP next to Cursed Helmet and Sky Guardian Helmet.
  • This item is a counter against critical items and heroes who rely in crits.
  • Example of Crit Items are Berserker's Fury and Scarlet Phantom. When you see those items in the enemy build, as a tank, better equip Twilight Armor.
  • The passive only limits Physical Damage. Not Magical Damage, not even True Damage!
  • It only works at one damage then it will enter cooldown state. The cooldown is four seconds.
Heroes that will be countered by this item

1. Ling


It is not only Ling's passive but also his first skill and second skill can increase his crit chance thus his every attack is almost always a critical hit.

2. Lesley


Lesley is one of the current most popular heroes in Epic to Legend Rank. Her passive and first skill also increases her crit chance. Her skill combo also makes her deal 3 critical damage which is her main weapon to one-shot kill squishy heroes and can even kill tanks that has low current HP.

3. Aldous


Aside from countering heroes that most likely to deal critical damage, the Twilight Armor's passive limits the damage of Aldous' enhanced basic attack. Aldous deals physical damage thus Twilight Armor's Passive will be triggered once hit by Aldous burst damage.

Those heroes are the current must-counter with Twilight Armor. Hope this guide helps you about the benefits of this item so that you won't hesitate to build Twilight Armor in situations that it is really needed.

Stay tuned for more guides and share us your thoughts below.