Mobile Legends Unity Version

Guild of Guardians


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May 1, 2019
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Na try nyo naba? Sa hindi pa then try it

This is just a Beta Version of MLBB and pag fully successful nasya eto na ang susunod na update

New features
  • Much smooter
  • Both gameplay and graphics
  • Better connection (pag redping ka network mona ang may kasalanan hindi ml)
  • Much faster loading screen
  • Pag nag dc ka sa game and gusto mo magrecon
  • Makakabalik ka sa game in less than 1minute
Mobile Legends BangBang UNITY 2017
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May konting bugs lang which is pag magrereconect ka sa game di makikita ung mga hero/skin/loading etc. Pero ok lang mabilis naman makakabalik sa game di lang nalabas ung mga icon

Ibang ml poba yan?
Same ml den po at wala pong bago

magagamit poba namen ung ml account namen ngayon dyan sa bagong ml?
Yes po same process rin po pag ka download po ay uulit ka sa level 1 na need mo maka level 8 para maiswitch account
Kau na gumawa paraan kung pano makakaswitch account!


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May 1, 2019
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Download MLBB 2.0 (Unity2017 Ver.) Here!!! (DOWNLOAD AT YOUR OWN RISK, ONLY ANDROID)

What's the update for?

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is now developed by new game developement engine - Unity 2017, which was upgraded from engine Unity 4 in order to provide a faster and more stable game performance for our players.

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What benefits can the upgrade bring?

1. Speeds up loading of launching game and entering battlefields by 100%
2. Enhances the fluency of game operation by 10% (actual effect may depend on device capabilities)
3. Enhances game stability
4. Presents more exquisite visual effects (more enhancements for visual effects will be updated in future patches)