Mobile Legends Unveils New Logo with Slight Changes

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is set to release a new logo as part of the Project NEXT update this year, 2023.


Three years after the previous logo, Moton recently announced the release of a brand new and modern-looking logo for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on their official X account. This will be part of the upcoming Project Next update, along with the revamped heroes and a few adjustments to the game. As of the moment, the new logo is not yet available in the game, despite an official post about it.

The overall design is simplified and reflects the Project NEXT Eruditio lore, which is the new theme for this upcoming update, signifying a new era for the game. The diamond in the middle of the O is now blue and glowing compared to the previous one, reflecting the energy and power of the game. And obviously, some aspects of the previous logo can still be seen in the new one. This shows the development of the game and the changes it has undergone over the years.

Project NEXT is a project launched by the MLBB Team to improve old heroes that are frequently overlooked and left behind in the current meta. These chosen heroes will get a skill revamp, new display animation, and new battle effects. Not just for heroes but also for battle optimization. Project NEXT was first announced on July 5, 2020, and it was applied for on September 22, 2020. This new phase of Project Next features the heroes of Eruditio, along with the new logo of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Moonton Games is committed to developing the game to improve the overall gaming experience of every player, as can be seen by the recent changes that were made to the game. Mobile Legends is on its way to becoming the world’s best MOBA game.