Mobile Legends Upcoming Adjustment to karina

Most players who are aware and updated of the hero adjustments in advance server are confused on what will be the final adjustment to Karina. While some only are aware about the latest one which is she was recently nerfed in test server, some also are already excited because they know that Karina was buffed before the latest advance server patch note. This post will clarify everything.

According to Patch 1.4.52


Elusiveness: base damage of enhanced basic attack increased from 165 to 180, damage growth per level increased from 10 to 20, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 0.75 to 0.55.

Dance Of Death: base damage of enhanced basic attack increased from 260 to 280, damage growth per level increased from 20 to 25, and the Magic Power bonus reduced from 1.3 to 1.15.

According to Patch 1.4.56


Elusiveness: Damage of the Enhanced Basic ATK reduced from 180-280 to 160-260.

Let's start with her first skill. In the original server, the base damage of enhanced basic attack is 165/175/185/195/205/215 plus a bonus damage of 75% of Karina's Magic Power.

Let's say Karina has 100 Magic Power (which is the case if she has a Calamity Reaper and mage emblem is at max magic power) and her skill 1 is already level 3.
  • So the damage will be 185 + 75 = 260
  • But if the patches will apply...
  • The base damage is now 160/180/200/220/240/260
  • And the bonus is 55%
  • The damage will be 200 + 55 = 255
  • Let's add Star Shard and see what will happen.
  • The damage before adjustments is 282.5
  • After adjustment, the damage will be 271.5
  • How about adding Holy Crystal...and Karina is now level 10 with skill 1 already level 4.
  • The damage will be 420 before adjustment.
  • After, it will be 385.
  • It was actually a hard nerf for Karina!
If we analyzed the adjustments, basic Attack Base Damage might be buffed but the bonus damage from Magic Power is greatly decreased!

Skill 2 adjustment
  • Before adjustment, base damage is 260/280/300/320/340/360
  • After adjustment, base damage is 280/305/330/355/380/405
It looks like it was buffed, right? But the bonus damage was also decreased from 130% to 115%

Using the same illustration above...

With 100 Magic Power and Level 3 skill 2
  • Damage before adjustment: 430
  • After adjustment: 445
With Calamity Reaper, Star Shard, Holy Crystal, and max mage emblem, Karina Level 10 and Skill 2 is level 4.
  • Damage before adjustment: 710
  • After adjustment: 700
The nerf on skill 2 is not as bad as the nerf on her skill 1 after all.

I hope this clarifies any more confusion. Always check out our posts to be updated and guided about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang