Mobile Legends Upcoming Adjustments in the Battlefield


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Jul 7, 2019
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Hello, I’m Arnold, responsible for improving combat experiences and Hero balance. Today I’m going to talk about the upcoming adjustments in the battlefield.

I. Adjustments of Buff
A player asked a question on Facebook: “Do you know what Role Buff is in MLBB? How does it work for each role?”

I thought our players had already gotten the answer. However, it turns out that most of them do not know the differences that each Role Buff brings. Therefore, they struggle when faced with enemies having taken Buff.

Another thing that I noticed is, Role Buff cannot be stacked. Therefore, when you take buff, you may not be so eager to invade enemy’s jungle. After all, you can’t be more careful on enemy’s territory. In the new version, we revamped the Buff in every jungle. After killing the Statued Shocker, you will get a buff helping you to restore HP and reduce the consumption of Mana.

[Statued Shocker]
Whereas after killing the Core Guard, the buff you take will enhance your ability of attacking and controlling. Meanwhile, in the new version, we have retained partially original designs for this Buff.

[Core Guard]
Beside the revamp of these two Buffs, we also adjusted the Turtle. After killing it, you will get a Buff, giving you an edge of defending. When roaming, you could get away from heat after slaying enemies.


II. Adjustment of Creeps
With the revamp, junglers could gank more effectively after obtaining two Buffs in the Early Game. However, this means those who concentrate on lining may have to make some sacrifice. Therefore, we revamped the creeps at the side of lanes to help Heroes increase their ability when laning.

First of all, in Early Game, the Crabs will respawn more frequently, and will be easier to kill. Heroes on Top Lane and Bottom Lane could kill Crabs to further expand the advantage after cleaning lane and dominating enemies. Whereas in a disadvantageous situation, you could also kills Crabs to narrow the gap between you and you enemies, who could deal massive damage, because the Crabs are quite easy to kill.

[Small Turtle]
We also add two new creeps on each side of the river, specifically, the phase crossing the Mid Lane. Slaying the creep and you could get not only Gold and EXP, but also a special Buff helping you to restore your HP. This Buff could also be used on your allies and minions.
The advent of this kind of new creep allows Heroes to practice their strategy on the Mid Lane when laning. Heroes could utilize this Buff to support allies on Top Lane or Bottom Lane after clearing minions or attack enemies’ Turret

III. Mechanism of Increased Movement Speed
To make the jungle a more exciting place to roam, we’re adding a special mechanism in each jungle area that allows you to get through various barriers.

You may start to picture an exciting scene of slaying enemies when your HP is low, a narrow escape or taking on a whole enemy squad by yourself. Well, yes! This is a new opportunity to put your plans and skills to test!

IV. Changes of Bush
From the changes above, you may expect more exciting fights in Early Game from this new version. To balance the game progress, we also revamped some parts of the bush to provide better game experiences.

First of all, let’s take a look at the sides of the Mid Lane.

Since there are so many bushes on the Mid Lane, survival is a great challenge for Heroes lacking of escaping skills. That’s why we adjusted the shape of bushes on the Mid Lane to increase their odds of survival. Now, they could gank and have a better chance of survival on Mid Lane.
Then, let’s take a look at the bushes beside the River that leads to the Statued Shocker.
With the revamp of jungle and the introduction of new mechanism, it is easier to invade the opponent’s jungle to attack the Statued Shocker through the River. We decided to shorten the length of bushes there to urge the invaders plan more carefully to avoid exposing themselves too early.

These are the primary adjustments of battlefield in this version, and I guess you’re already eager to give it a shot! These adjustments have already been available on Advanced Server. Why don’t you try it now? We would be deeply grateful for your feedback. Please tell anything about you ideas of the adjustments.

We sincerely hope these changes would give you brand-new experiences! I’m Arnold, have fun with MLBB!