Mobile Legends Upcoming Bane Epic Skin - Soul Defiler preview and release date

The latest patch note of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game revealed some information that isn't even mentioned in skin previews such as the release dates of the upcoming skins. A preview of an upcoming Epic skin is already posted in the official YouTube channel of MLBB and it is for the hero, Bane. The name of the skin is announced as Soul Defiler and this would be Bane's fifth skin that would join his skin collection with Deep Sea Monster, Castle Master, Warlord, and Underworld Outlaw.


The skin model of this skin makes him look like an alien, similar with a skin of another hero which is Zhask. He is wearing an armor that covers his body that is filled with a red aura. His hand cannon also has a new look and the sword in his right hand is also noticeable.


The skill effects of Bane - Soul Defiler is also showcased in the preview. His skill 1 makes use of his hand cannon while his passive makes use of his sword. A red-shade colored splash effects are noticeable every time Bane hits a target with an attack. This includes when he also casts his second and ultimate skill. He summons sharks with his ultimate skill, Deadly Catch, while casting a violet wave of water.

Here is the preview of this new Bane epic skin:

The preview didn't mention the date of release which means it might be possible for the date written in the patch note be changed. The patch note mentioned that the Upcoming Epic skin of Bane "Soul Defiler" will be available on April 19, 2023, MLBB Server Time, subject to change. This skin is also expected to be buyable in the in-game shop for 899 Diamonds, 30% off during launch week.

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