Mobile Legends Upcoming Benedetta Grand Collection Skin - Death Oath Trailer

Another visually appealing skin will come to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in-game. For July 2021, the Grand Collection Event will have Benedetta's skin as the main reward. Here are the details presented from the official video trailer released.


Benedetta - Death Oath will be her Grand Collection Exclusive Skin. It features Benedetta wearing a dark purple shade clothing with metal protections. She also now has a color white hair and her sword gives off a demonic power vibe.


Her skill effects are now colored dark violet. Each of her attacks will have a violet splash effect and the area of effects are surrounded with a violet outline.


There were also great patterns and waves to be seen in her major skills just like in her ultimate skill. Overall, both her skin model and skill effects are all visually appealing.

Here is the video trailer from Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official Youtube Channel:

There is no exact date presented in the trailer but it is guaranteed to be in-game soon. Players can now prepare for this upcoming skin.

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