Mobile Legends Upcoming Hero Nolan to be released on MLBB 7th Anniversary Celebration

The September 2023 Project NEXT update in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) official server has brought details about the upcoming 7th Anniversary Celebration of the game. Along with the hero and battlefield adjustments, a new hero is coming up by the end of the month along with some events. The 7th Anniversary Ceremony in-game will officially start by September 30, 2023 but some of the events will begin as soon as September 19, 2023. Here are some of the revealed information about the 7th Anniversary events and the upcoming assassin hero, Nolan.


The official MLBB YouTube channel posted a cinematic teaser for Nolan - Cosmic Wayfinder. He is revealed to be an assassin hero and will be released on September 30, 2023. Here is a quick description of his skill set.

Passive – Dimensional Rift
Nolan’s skills create rifts that slow enemies. When two rifts touch, they pull in enemies and explode, dealing physical damage. Each rift explosion hitting an enemy hero or Creep grants Nolan Energy. If Nolan goes without damage from non-Minion or non-Creep units, his next Basic Attack dashes to the target, dealing Physical Damage and creating a rift.

Skill 1 – Expansion
Nolan cuts a rectangular area in front of him, dealing physical damage and leaving a rift at the first enemy hit.

Skill 2 – Gauge
Nolan charges in the target direction and performs a slash, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path and leaving a rift.

Ultimate – Fracture
Nolan removes all debuffs on himself and slashes the target location 3 times, dealing physical damage with each slash while leaving 3 rifts. The rifts will explode automatically while Nolan dashes backward.

There will also be a new Johnson skin for the anniversary celebration. This skin can be obtained by collecting anniversary coins. These coins can be obtained from the “To The Stars” mini-game which will be available in-game until October 22, 2023. This mini-game has puzzles with stages divided into chapters. A new chapter would be available some time in early October 2023.


Other information about the festivities during the game’s 7th anniversary is expected to come on September 30, 2023 when the ceremony will officially commence. A new ranked season is also coming up with the theme being about Eruditio. Nolan is also connected to Layla and the Eruditio overall. Watch out for the in-game contents about the new Eruditio lores and other details about the events.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!