Mobile Legends Upcoming Ling Grand Collection Skin - Serene Plume

The June 2021 Grand Collection Skin will be for the hero, Ling. In the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official youtube channel, a video teaser was uploaded that this Serene Plume skin will come out soon. The video featured the great art design and skill effects of this skin.


Ling with this skin is now wearing a traditional clothing that has high collars. It also has protective gears in arms and shoulders making it look like a warrior's armor. The feathers are also very noticeable in this skin model which is suitable and a good reference for the name of this skin, Serene Plume.

His entrance animation and background was already hinted in the teaser video. There seems to be castles behind him and there are many clouds in the area. There is also a full moon behind a castle.


For Serene Plume's skill effects, Ling's basic attacks now have a darker blue color splash and sparkling effects. This also includes his basic attacks after using his skill 1 to get up a wall and his skill 2.

His passive, skill 1, and skill 2 already have those great effects and to add to that, his ultimate skill now creates a cloudy area upon landing. Even the casting animation of this skill already looks great.

Here's the full video of the skin teaser:

The video didn't provided the exact date of the release of this skin. But what we know is that it is coming soon so expect it to come to the game and save up diamonds to purchase this great skin.

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