Mobile Legends Upcoming March and April Events and Skins Release Dates have been leaked

Leaks have revealed the dates of the forthcoming Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) events and skins for March and April. Players can collect a variety of limited-edition skins during these events, with some of them rumored to be obtained for free while some can be acquired through draw events and in-game purchases. The game will be updated with the events and skins specified sometime in March or April of 2024.


Upcoming March and April MLBB Events and Skins Release Dates​

The following Mobile Legends events and skins are scheduled, per data miner Kazuki Official:

March 2024​

March 1
Ixia “Dynamic Streak” skin (March 2024 Starlight)​
March 2
Surprise Box Phase 2​
March 4
Chang’e “Tech Tensai” skin (The Aspirants 3.0)​
March 4
Lesley “Deadeye Spectre” skin (The Aspirants 3.0)​

mlbb (1).jpg

March 7
Minsitthar “Soul Invictus” Collector Skin​
March 7
Natan “Tidal Lord” Collector Skin​
March 7
Nana “Aqua Pura” Collector Skin​
March 9
The Aspirants 3.0 Phase 1​
March 13
Dawning Star Phase 2​
March 16
New ML Hero Chip​
March 16
Season 31 Ends; Season 32 Start Date​
March 16
Valir S32 Recharge Skin (TBA)​
March 16


March 16
Sparkle Melissa Event​
March 16
Esmeralda “Sparkle” Skin (Free)​
March 16
Melissa “Sparkle” Skin​
March 16
Estes “Sparkle” Skin​
March 21
Hilda “Aries” Zodiac Skin​
March 23
The Aspirants 3.0 Phase 2​
March 28
Fredrinn “Sparkle” Skin​


Other Upcoming MLBB Events and Skins with no exact release dates​

The final release dates for these MLBB tournaments have not yet been announced, but they are anticipated to arrive soon:

March or April 2024 (To be announced)​

  • Shining Star Event
  • Vexanna "Twisted Fairytale"
  • Infernal Wyrmlord draw event Phase 1 and 2
  • Moskov “Infernal Wyrmlord
  • Kaja “Task Master” (Lucky Flip)
  • Diggie “Fairytaler” (Lucky Flip)
  • Hylos “Iron Steed” (Lucky Flip)

April 2024 (To be announced)​

  • April 2024 - Edith Collector Skin (TBA)

May 2024 (To be announced)​

  • 11th May 2024 - The Exorcist Phase 1 (Featuring Kagura, Yu Zhong, Hayabusa, and Granger.)
  • 25th May 2024 - The Exorcist Phase 2

June or July 2024 (To be announced)​

  • June - July The Aspirants Rerun
Players should take this information with a grain of salt because Moonton has not yet made an official announcement about the majority of the upcoming MLBB Events and skins indicated.