Mobile Legends Upcoming New Contents and Leaks of Project Next Phase 2

Through Moonton's official social media accounts, Moonton revealed several of their content plans to add to their hit MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.


Though there aren't release dates yet for said new contents, below is the summary of the upcoming contents from the post of MLBB on their official sns account.
  • Vexana and Faramis will get their revamp for the reason of them deemed as too weak for the current meta of the game.
  • A new mysterious hero is coming in the game. It is said that this hero can transform to its enemy and even copy their ultimate skill.
  • Another game mode will be made and will feature again Beatrix aside from the Survival: Nexus game mode.
  • Matches for Mythic-rated players and tournaments will be more difficult to win because attributes of turrets, jungle monsters, and more will be different from the regular matches.
  • MLBB will form their own music band called S.T.U.N which will arrive soon.
  • A new Star event is coming in the game soon.
  • An upcoming event with the Heavenly Palace collapse was also revealed. Heavenly Palace is a city, floating above the skies of the players battleground called Land of Dawn.
  • The 515 Party event is expected to arrive with the S.T.U.N. skin line soon.
These are only some of the contents that are coming in the game, but if you think that's the only contents you'll have to look forward to, then you're wrong.

The next is the "Project Next Phase 2" which has been revealed by Moonton in early of this year. This massive update will bring forth an overhaul in the game including heroes, game map, and main menu interface. Though this project doesn't have a release date yet, a YouTube account named Kazuki Official posted the current progress of the game's next massive patch update. The following are the leaked progress of Project Next Phase 2:


  • The base gets a major change with its luscious nature theme and sunbeams on the hero's breeding platform.

  • Jungle monsters will have their own "makeovers" but only conceptual arts are currently available meaning it can still change in the future. The Lord will also have an "upgrade" transforming it into an electric type creature that wields a trident.

  • The main menu interface background will change depending on the weather and players can also change the background with their favorite skin.
  • Several heroes will also have an overhaul. These are Karina, Franco, Hayabusa, Minotaur, Kagura, and Alpha.

Here is the video posted by Kazuki Official. You can watch here the complete leaks of Project Next Phase 2.

Currently the Karina revamp is in the Advanced Server. Others are still pending. As you've read, a lot of new contents and major upgrades will be coming in Mobile Legends. So stay tuned and see y'all on the coming updates.


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