Mobile Legends Upcoming New Hero Zhuxin trailer revealed release date this June 2024

Zhuxin is a hero that is still undergoing testing in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) game’s advanced server. She is the one next in line to be released in the official server as revealed in a trailer posted by the MLBB official YouTube channel. Currently in the advanced server, she is a mage hero designed to cast area-of-effect skills which is very useful in team fights. As a mage, she is a solid damage dealer and the game is still experimenting on her adjustments to make her as balanced as possible for its debut in the original server.


In terms of visual character model, Zhuxin is a black-haired female, her hair reaching just above her shoulders. She also wears an Eastern-theme inspired outfit with some accessories all over her body. The trailer gives players a glimpse about her lore and for her skill descriptions, it can be found in the game’s test server in which only a select number of players has access to. Here is a quick rundown of the information available about her skill effects.

Passive – Crimson Butterflies

Whenever she channels her skill 2, she converts the mana spent into up to 30 passive stacks. After she stops channeling her skill 2, the stacks will gradually disappear, each restoring 3% of her Max Mana.

First skill – Fluttering Grace

She deals magic damage to all enemies in an area and applies Soul Snare stack. She also slows all enemy heroes’ hits and gains 20% of extra movement speed herself for 1.5 seconds.


Second skill – Lantern Flare

Hold: Continuously consumes mana while the Spirit Lantern can be moved with the skill button, dealing magic damage to all enemies within range every 0.25 seconds and applying Soul Snare to enemies hit.

When an enemy hero has 10 stacks of Soul Snare, the Crimson Butterflies will capture them, causing them to go airborne.

Release: Throws all captured enemies to the target location, dealing magic damage to all enemies in the area. If the enemy takes damage several times, the subsequent damage is reduced.

Ultimate – Crimson Beacon

Zhuxin blinks to the target location while gaining a shield. While flying, she creates a field around her for 6 seconds. The field deals magic damage and applies 1 stack of Soul Snare to enemies every 1 second.

Here is the official trailer of this new upcoming mage hero, Zhuxin:

The trailer revealed that Zhuxin is scheduled to be released on June 29, 2024. That date however doesn't necessarily mean that it is also the date of a huge official server update since it can be released earlier in preparation of a new ranked season and other in-game adjustments. The game also announced other information like changes to items in which Zhuxin will be part of a whole new metagame just in time for a new ranked season and because of her date of release, she might be banned for at least a week after her release during the MSC 2024.

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