Mobile Legends Upcoming skin for the hero Masha this November 2022 - Rogue Talon Skin Preview

The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to give more love to the previously unpopular hero Masha. After receiving several significant adjustments in the past few months, Masha gained popularity and now will have a new skin. The skin preview of the upcoming skin Masha - Rogue Talon is posted in the official YouTube channel of ML: BB and here are some of significant details from that video.


Masha will now wear a Chinese-themed costume to add to her skin collection after Combat Maiden, Dragon Armor, Spirited Gauntlet and Winter Guard. It looks like Masha can now be part of the current ML:BB oriental fighter heroes like Zilong, Wanwan, Ling, and Baxia. Her long hair is tied in this skin in a way to give her a new look and suit the outfit. Her shade-of-red ruby claws are also highlighted not only on her skin model but also in the skill effects


Her skill 1, Wild Power, casts attacks and scratch animations. There are also ruby and orange-colored splash effects. Her skill 2 also is redesigned to give a new look on how she casts and attacks, her ultimate skill Thunderclap also has the same splash effects and colory touches. Another highlight of the skill effects of Rogue Talon is her special skill, Life Recovery, and her passive. There is a visual animation whenever she loses an HP bar and whenever she regained one.

Here is the official skin preview of Rogue Talon:

Based on the latest official server patch note, Masha - Rogue Talon skin will be released on November 28, 2022, ML: BB Server Time via a Summon Event. Check out the other dates of skin release also in the in-game patch note (latest is Patch 1.7.32). The actual content, event information, final design and skill effects can also be available in-game at the time of release of this skin.

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