Mobile Legends Upcoming Skins and Events for January 2022

As December is already in its last week and the new year is right around the corner, it is expected that this coming year, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will bring lots of exciting content.

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Contents that will be coming next year include January 2022 Starlight Pass, new hero, new skins, new events, and more that’s believed to arrive in the game in the month of January 2022. Here are the upcoming skins and events of Mobile Legends in January:


  • January 1: January 2022 Starlight Pass
To welcome the new year, the January 2022 Starlight Pass will be released. As always it will bring lots of rewards to players who will purchase next month’s Starlight Pass. It is believed that the January 2022 exclusive Starlight skin will be Clint’s “Operator CL”.


  • January 6: Hanabi Collector Skin
For the January Collector Skin, it is expected that it will be Hanabi’s “Riverland Phoenix” which will be made available in the Grand Collection event. This skin can be obtained in the event using the Grand Collection Tickets. To acquire the tickets, complete certain tasks like logging in to the game. Just like in previous Grand Collection events, it is expected that players can also use in-game diamonds or Crystal of Auroras.


  • January 11: Yve Elite Skin
A new Elite skin for the Mage hero, Yve, called “Ruin Protectress” will be released on January 11. Currently, it is unclear on how the skin can be obtained by the players. Though it is expected that it will be available for a direct purchase in the in-game store.

yin_new hero.jpg

  • January 18: New Hero Yin
A new Fighter hero named Yin, the Kung Fu Genius, will have its debut on the regular server on January 18. He was released in the game’s advanced server during its Patch1.6.40. He will be available to purchase in the in-game shop using either Battle Points or in-game diamonds. If you will use in-game diamonds to purchase Yin, a discount will be given which is likely to happen in his launch week.

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  • January 18: Revamped Valentine’s & Chinese New Year Skins
Both Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year are a bit close to the month of January, it is believed that some revamped Valentine’s and Chinese New Year skin of Mobile Legends will be released to commemorate those occasions. However, it’s still yet to be known what skins will get revamped but it is believed that it will be Miya’s “Sweet Fantasy”, Clint’s “Gun and Roses”, Layla’s “Cannon and Roses”, as well as Aurora’s “Foxy Lady”.

aurora aquarius.jpg
  • January 20: Aurora Aquarius Zodiac Skin Encore
Aurora’s Aquarius Zodiac Skin is also expected to make a comeback on January 20. This can be obtained through the Zodiac Summon event that mainly uses the Crystal of Aurora to increase their Star Power. In-game diamonds can also be used in this event.
  • January 22: Fanny and Layla New Anime Collab Skin

The most-awaited anime collaboration for the Assassin hero, Fanny, will be launched on January 22. Fanny’s “Blade of Unmei” is only one of the two skins that will be released.


The second is Layla’s “Miss Hikari”. As of now, it’s still unknown whether these skins will be available to obtain through the in-game shop using in-game diamonds or through a special event. Its rarities are also still unknown.


  • January 25: Gloo Special Skin
Gloo’s “Jellyman” skin will be released on January 25. Although Gloo is relatively a new hero in the game, this is it's already second skin.

sun chinese new year.jpg

  • January 31: Sun Chinese New Year Skin
A brand new Chinese New Year skin for the Fighter hero Sun will be released on January 31. There’s little to no information about Sun’s skin. It is also unknown how his skin can be acquired.

As always, this should be taken with a grain of salt since the information was based on the leaks and datamines by credible leakers and dataminers. Even though they are credible, an official confirmation from Mobile Legends is what matters. This is all subjected to change without prior notice.