Mobile Legends Upcoming skins for late November to early December 2022 revealed by latest patch note

There are four upcoming skins in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang that have their release dates already listed in the current Patch 1.7.32 in the official server. Some of these skins also already have their skin preview or trailer posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel but the date of release is not always mentioned. Here are the upcoming skins to look forward to at the end of November to early December 2022.


1. Aspirants Encore and New Skins!

Ruby "Mecha Maiden" and Angela "Cyber Cherubin" will be available in the Aspirants Unite Event on December 3.

Exclusive skill icons for Fanny "Blade of Kibou" and Layla "Miss Hikari" will be available soon.

There will be two new skins in the Aspirants skin series. Ruby and Angela will join Fanny and Layla in this skin line. There is a trailer animation that teases about the Aspirants encore in the official ML:BB YouTube channel.


2. Masha - Rogue Talon

Masha "Rogue Talon" will be available in the Rogue Talon Summon Event on November 28.

There are no information yet about the Summon Event based on the skin preview posted in the official ML:BB Youtube channel. Even the skin type of this skin is not specified. Although, it is expected that the summon event will be similar with the previous ones where an Elite or a Special skin can be summoned at maximum of 8 summons with almost a guaranteed trial card of the skin at first summon.


3. Vexana - Circus Magician

December Starlight Skin - Vexana "Circus Magician" will be available on December 1.

The December 2022 Starlight Skin has been long revealed by the patch note and the starlight preview posted in the game's YouTube channel confirms it. Vexana - Circus Magician will be the exclusive starlight skin for the month.

Those are the four upcoming skins revealed by the latest patch note. There are two new Aspirants skin plus Vexana starlight for December while Masha's skin wrap up the November 2022 skins. The Collector skin for December 2022 is still not revealed in the current patch note so there might be updates about that a few weeks from now. The skin release dates might still be moved so make sure to follow ML: BB's official social media platforms for the official announcements.

Stay tuned for more news and updates!