Mobile Legends Upcoming Skins, Heroes, and Events for May 2022

As Moonton surprised its players by releasing a bunch of new skins including three new 515-M world skins with Ling, Wanwan, and Yin as well as the revamped Akai last month, dataminers would like continue the excitement by sharing leaks of the upcoming events, skins, and heroes that Moonton will release in Mobile Legends this month.


Mobile Legends Upcoming Skin for May 2022:
Paquito Starlight Skin: Fulgent Punch (May 1, 2022)


Benedetta Special Skin: Moon Blade (May 4, 2022)


Benedetta’s special skin is called Moonblade which can be purchased by players starting today.

Vale Collector skin: Supernal Tempest (May 7, 2022)


As each collector skin that was released represented luxury and godly appearance, Vale’s collector skin is no different as it is inspired by Japanese mythology.

Aulus Elite Skin: Barren Pioneer (May 12, 2022)


Aulus’ Barren Pioneer uses a cute concept which makes him less scary than usual.

Bruno 515 skin: Street Hype (May 2022)


Bruno will be making an appearance in the 515 event with his street style Hypebeast skin. It is said that his skin will be for free if players participate in the event.

Lolita special skin: Genki Slam (May 2022)


Mobile Legends: Upcoming New Hero and Events in May 2022:
Julian (May 24, 2022)


The last member of the Forsaken Lights will finally arrive in the Land of Dawn. Julian is a fighter/mage hero, who is the son of Terizla. Like his father, Julian is an expert in the EXP lane but has magic damage.

Psionic Oracle 2nd phase (May 16, 2022)

psionic oracle.png

The second phase of Psionic Oracle will be launching this month. Players will still have a chance to claim Guinevere’s Legendary Skin: Psion of Tomorrow by completing the tasks of the event in exchange of tokens that players can use to draw skins.