Mobile Legends upcoming tournament “Squad Up Athena” is now open for registration

As Mobile Legends: Bang Bang continues to be one of the most played mobile games in the world, it’s safe to say that MLBB is not only for the boys but for women as well.


Female gamers have made their presence known in the MLBB community for quite some time already, with amateurs and professional players competing in various tournaments to show off their skills.

With female gamers already known in the community, IGN Southeast Asia has partnered up with Facebook Gaming to host an MLBB tournament called Squad Up Athena that will be participated by female gamers only.

This tournament is open for gamers from Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Indonesia. The national and international finals of Squad Up Athena will be livestreamed on IGN Southeast Asia’s Facebook page.

There will be 24 teams competing in the national finals, in which 12 out of the 24 teams will be made up of well-known Facebook Gaming creators. The open qualifiers will start from December 18 until December 20. A showmatch is scheduled on December 21 to introduce the creators who will be participating.

The National finals will start on January 7 for Singapore and Malaysia, January 8 for Indonesia, and January 9 for Philippines. The international finals will take place on January 15, 2022. The prize pool for the national finals amounts to $5,000 for each country while in the international finals’ prize pool amounts to $10,000.

The registration for Squad Up Athena has started. For interested players, you can now register for the tournament in these following links:
  • Malaysian and Singaporean players register here.
  • Indonesian players register here.
  • Players from the Philippines register here.