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May 1, 2019
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Hello guys ngayon naman si Uranus ang gagawan natin ng guide. Sumali na si Uranus sa meta after ng rework sakanya at buff. Regen + CC + Damage + Tanky. For me Uranus pwede sya sa S tier.

Now sa emblems naman tayo.

Emblems: Tank Emblem
Tier 1: 3 points Firmness
Tier 2: 2 Points Fortress, 1 point Purity
Emblem Talent: Tenacity.

Yung tenacity increase armor and magic res pag below 40% HP mo.

Sa Spells naman

Spell: Purify(Removes CC)
Sprint(For More Movement Speed)
Flicker(For Escape)(Note: Di ko masyado ginagamitan ng flicker uranus kasi tank sya di nya need tumakbo)
Petrify(For CC)
Aegis(For More Shield).

Pinaka magandang spell sakanya para sakin is Petrify and Sprint kasi pag petrify pwede mo sila maihold ng ilang second and sprint naman pang habol.

Builds (Note: Tank item depende sa Enemy Lineup at Builds nila)
Uranus passive is Regen Effect so ang core item nya is Oracle.
(Oracle info: Oracle Increase Shield and Regen Effect by 25%)
Example: may 100HP Regen ka at gumamit ka ng Oracle magiging 125HP Regen mo(Tama ba admin zaheer? hahaha di ako magaling sa math)

Share ko na lng build ko
(Note: Inaadjust ko parin Build ko)
1.) Wizard Boots- Extra Gold sa assist
2.) Oracle- Magic Res+Cd Reduction+ Increase Regen and Shield Effect.
3.) Antique Cuirass- Armor+Hp+ Passive(sorry nakalimutan ko passive pero parang reduce attack power yun ng kalaban)
4.) Dominance Ice- Counter Dps Hero, +mana+armor(Passive nakalimutan ko sorry).
5.) ThunderBelt- Mana+CD Reduction+ True Damage+Armor+Mana Regen.
6.) Immortality- Magic Res+ HP+ Passive.

Build po na to is pang Counter sa Mages and High Dps Heroes.

Skills Infos & Combo:
Sa totoo lang guys parang wala naman combo sakanya gagawin nya lng saluhin damage ng kalaban then inflict slow effects.
Pag mga naka rapid boots ang kalaban pwede kayo gumamit ng Ice Queen Wand para dagdag slow effect.
About Combo pwede pag Start ng Clash use ULT then 2nd Skill then 1st Skill. 2nd skill nya may Shield and May Damage nadin, ULT naman nya is Increase Movement Speed at Immune sa slow effect, 1st Skill naman nya deal damage and Slow enemy may mark din na naiiwan kada mark increase damage ng 1st skill. Gumagana mark sa jungle monster and hero.
Passive naman nya regen hp check skill info para makita kung ilang hp regen nakukuha nya upto 20 stack yung passive nya at narereset to pag di sya nakakareceive ng damage.

If may gusto kayo idagdag comment lng Thanks.




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May 1, 2019
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Uranus Killer Tank build Low Rank META


Tank Emblem

Vitality (HP)
Inspire (CD)
Tenacity (1st Talent)

Spell: Petrify (for CC)

Purify is situational

Kaito's Build

Wizard Boots
Enchanted Talisman
Dominance Ice


I know that my build is very different. I am not saying that this is the best build. But this is the best for my playstyle. I think this also suites for Grandmaster to Epic Rank. Why?

This build gives you a bit of magic damage that can help you to carry your team. If your damage dealers are not that skilled, then play the damage dealer and tank by adjusting your build.

Why Enchanted Talisman?

This is to replace the usual Demon Shoes Build. You really need Wizard Boots to help you get items faster. So for mana problems, better go for this item. This gives infinite mana and Magic Power. It also gives 20% CDR so that you can spam your skills.

I also balanced the number of Magic Defense and Physical Defense Item.

2 Magic Defense Item which is Oracle and Immortality

2 Physical Defense Item which is Dominance Ice and Thunderbelt


Buy boots and Skill 1 at the start. Then I usually go mid lane with MM or Mage then clear 1st minion wave (and harass enemy) with skill 1. Then help Mage/MM buff on the midleft buff.

Usually by the time the small monster is dead, I level up and get skill 2. But be careful using Skill 2 on the Buff monster because you don't want to accidently kill it and take buff away from your ally.

So to be safe, don't use skill 2. Just harass using skill 1 and basic attacks and give the buff to your ally.

After this, stick with your ally as much as possible. Your rotation depends on your carry hero. Your role is to protect.

Prioritize leveling skill 1 over skill 2

~~~Battle Strategy

Uranus is not a setter tank like Minotaur or Khufra that can disable enemies.

You need another hero to do the initiation. Remember that your role is to protect your damage dealers.

Harass enemies in a teamfight by using skill 1. Disengage when you are below 30%. Then re-engage when you have regen enough HP again.

Ideally, your allies should understand how Uranus works. So for solo players, most of the time, you'll get complaints from players who don't understand that Uranus can't just take tons of damage without retreating and regenerating.


So for those who are trying to Reach Epic and even Legend as a tank, try Uranus starting Grandmaster 2. I don't recommend tanking lower ranks since most of the times, you will get bad teammates especially if you are a solo player. Uranus can deal damage a bit with the Enchanted Talisman. This gives you a small carrying capacity to at least secure kills and try to win the whole game.

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