Mobile Legends Veteran Hunter - The META Emblem Talent for Marksman Heroes used in MPL

The Veteran Hunter Talent is the first talent in the jungle emblem. The effect of having this talent is that killing a monster hit by retribution will give you an extra 50 gold. In this guide, the advantages and benefits of using this emblem configuration will be discussed.

The Jungle Emblem is not very popular since it sacrifices teamfight utilities. Other emblems gives stats that is helpful to teamfights while this emblem helps in farming. But in professional tournaments, the whole team is coordinated thus each roles are very well fulfilled that is why being a jungler is also important.

Pro players use this when using Kimmy to help in getting more farm and tower push rather than prioritizing teamfights.

The Veteran Hunter Talent helps the most those who needs to get their items first before being an impactful hero in teamfights. The additional 50 gold is very helpful in farming marksman heroes. This 50 gold is easy to get since you only need to use Retribution then kill a jungle monster. The Retribution Spell only has a 35 seconds cooldown that is why you can gain additional 150 gold within 2 minutes. It is great compared to none.

That's it for the Veteran Hunter Talent. Let's now discuss the Jungle Emblem generally.

Jungle Emblem gives:
  • 13 points of Hybrid Attack. Meaning, 13 points of Physical Attack and 13 points of Magic Power.
  • 2.5% of Hybrid Lifesteal. Meaning, both Physical and Magical Lifesteal.
  • 6% of Movement Speed
  • 306 points of HP
  • 4.50% of Attack Speed
These stats are all helpful in teamfights. One of the special stat here is the attack speed which only benefits those who are basic attack dependent heroes. That is why this is perfect for marksman heroes and other fighters that spam basic attacks.

One of the best example is Claude which even makes his ultimate skill deal more damage output.

What is the best talent points allocation when using Veteran Hunter Talent?

For the first tier, you have the following options.
  • Hybrid Attack
  • Damage to monsters
  • Hybrid lifesteal
If you want not to sacrifice a lot of possible stat that is helpful in teamfights, damage to monsters is not an option.

That is why choosing between hybrid attack and hybrid lifesteal is a matter of decision preference. Besides, you can also modify your item build depending on how you modify this emblem set.

Example: If you choose hybrid attack, then you may build Haas' Claws to get higher lifesteal. If you choose hybrid lifesteal, then you may stay with Demon Hunter Sword and build other items which gives higher physical attack stat.

On the second tier, here are the options
  • Attack Speed
  • Battle Spell CDR
  • Damage reduction from monsters
With the same reasoning above, damage reduction from monsters is not a good option. Between attack speed and battle spell CDR, attack speed is more helpful in teamfights.

Some may argue that since Veteran Hunter is the talent choice, Battle Spell CDR is the best to reduce the cooldown of the Retribution Spell.

It depends on reasoning but the point is attack speed is more helpful in teamfights. Besides, the 6-second reduction won't be felt and be very spammable. Early game jungle rotation will make a difference since you tend to farm a lot so choosing attack speed is not really a perfect choice but it has the advantage in most situations.

So overall, it depends on how you will play the hero. Keep in mind those pointers and guidelines to help you come up to the best decision.

Tune in for more guides.