Mobile Legends Vonetis Islands World Map


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Jul 7, 2019
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The Vonetis Islands are the home of the Dorik people. The islands are an ideal place to live and a natural harbor with their beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. The islands retain many of the folk customs of the Dorik people.

Blue Flame (a mysterious island shrouded in blue mist all-year round)

Blue Flame Island is located in the northern Vonetis Islands. The entire island is shrouded in blue mist all year round, which gives it its name. According to a legend, in the deep ocean near Blue Flame Island, there lives intelligent fish people. Heroes: Kadita

Perlas (an island with ports scattered around it)

Perlas is located in the center of the Vonetis Islands. There are many ports here for the islanders to enter and exit the islands and conduct trade. It is also the largest gathering place for the Dorik people.

Heroes: Lapu-Lapu

Solari (where the summer ends lastly)

The southernmost island of the Vonetis Islands has a huge fishing ground, but as the Abyss spread, the seawater near Solari began to be corroded by the Abyss.

Heroes: Badang

Laboratory 1718 (a gathering place for mad scientists)

Located on Baker Island, south of Agelta, a group of enthusiastic scientists gathered here and built a huge scientific experiment base dedicated to various illegal human experiments and technological creations with the ultimate goal of destroying Eruditio. To the outside, it was known as Laboratory 1718.

Heroes: Alpha, Angela, Jawhead, Saber

Nebula Chronorift (an intersection of the Land of Dawn and other universes)

Located on the surface of the sea off the southwestern part of the mainland, it is a peculiar gemini rift, which people call the Nebula Chronorift. The two rifts lead to two different planets in the Arcadhem Universe - Ashura and the hometown of the Mighty Guardian. The fight between Martis and Gatotkaca created the entrance to the time rift and brought the fateful enemy to the Land of Dawn.

Heroes: Cyclops, Gatotkaca, Martis

Frozen Sea Chronorift (an intersection of the Land of Dawn and other universes)

Heroes: Zhask