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Jul 7, 2019
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The Land of Dawn World Map has been updated!

  • The Barren Lands
  • Northern Vale
  • The Moniyan Empire
  • Azrya Woodlands
  • Vonetis Islands
  • Cadia Riverlands
First part: Agelta Drylands:

The Barren Lands

Askati Forest, a towering peak forest that enters the clouds
Heroes: Pharsa

Necrokeep, the place occupied by the Queen of Evil Spirits
Heroes: Faramis, Leomord, Vexana

Lantis Mountains, the mountains that block the corrosion of the Abyss
Heroes: Grock

Stormeye Wasteland, the hometown of the Orcs
Heroes: Balmond

Abyss Crack, the origin of all darkness and evil
Heroes: Alice, Argus, Dyrroth, Helcurt, Terizla, Thamuz

Heroes without location: Brody, Benedetta

Northern Vale

Kastiya, Zhask's lair

Frozen Sea, a trade route laid out with icebergs
Heroes: Atlas, Bane

Magic Academy, a holy place for learning magic
Heroes: Eudora, Gord, Harley, Lylia

Northern Vale, high mountains rising into the clouds
Heroes: Aurora, Franco, Masha, Popol and Kupa

Megalith Wasteland, remains of the Giants
Heroes: Hilda

Great Martyr Shrine, the temple of the Northern Vale
Heroes: Freya

The Moniyan Empire

Castle Grandrock, a city built on a giant rock
Heroes: Lesley

Castle Gorge, the western capital of the Moniyan Empire
Heroes: Guinevere, Lancelot

Castle Aberleen, a mysterious city in the southern Moniyan Empire
Heroes: Carmilla, Cecilion, Gusion

Castle Atlas, the capital of the Moniyan Empire
Heroes: Fanny, Harith, Kimmy, Lesley, Rafaela, Tigreal

Monastery of Light, an ancient religious shrine
Heroes: Alucard, Granger, Natalia

Blue Lakeside, a beautiful lake in the southeast of the Moniyan Empire
Heroes: Odette

Alaghat, the hometown of the Yasson
Heroes: Karrie

Black Forest, an ancient forest
Heroes: Roger, Ruby

Heroes without location: Silvanna, Paquito

Azrya Woodlands

Moon Temple, the holy site for the Moon Elves
Heroes: Estes

Moonlit Forest, the hometown of the Moon Elves
Heroes: Miya, Nana

The Shadow Swamp, a forest corroded by the Abyss
Heroes: Karina, Selena

Heroes without location: Irithel

Vonetis Islands

Frozen Sea Chronorift(an island north of Northern Vale) , an intersection of the Land of Dawn and other universes
Heroes: Zhask

Nebula Chronorift (an island south of Agelta Drylands), an intersection of the Land of Dawn and other universes
Heroes: Cyclops, Gatotkaca, Martis

Laboratory 1718 (an island south of Agelta Drylands), a gathering place for mad scientists
Heroes: Alpha, Angela, Jawhead, Saber

Solari, where the summer ends lastly
Heroes: Badang

Blue Flame, a mysterious island shrouded in blue mist all-year round
Heroes: Kadita

Perlas, an island with ports scattered around it
Heroes: Lapu-Lapu

Heroes without location: Kaja, Uranus, Yve

Cadia Riverlands

City of the Dragon, a port city in the north of the Cadia Riverlands
Heroes: Yi Sun-shin

Stream Valley, the habitat of the Nature Spirits
Heroes: Akai, Sun

Scarlet Shadow, a ninja heritage site
Heroes: Hanabi, Hanzo, Hayabusa, Kagura

Dragon Altar, the training place of the Great Dragon and his disciples
Heroes: Baxia, Chang'e, Ling, Wanwan, Yu Zhong, Zilong

City of the Sand, an ancient city on the south coast of the Cadia Riverlands
Heroes: Minsitthar

Heroes without location: Luo Yi