Mobile Legends X.Borg adjustment and his upcoming skin Moto Drifter - Patch 1.4.36 Summary

X.Borg is one of the best heroes in the current META. In the upcoming Patch 1.4.36 in the original server, X.Borg will be adjusted and will also be given another skin.

About the adjustment, X.Borg is buffed. Buff means a positive adjustment that makes something more viable. In Patch 1.4.36, this is the exact adjustment.

[X. Borg]

Basic HP increased from 1038 to 1078.

Why does X.Borg is buffed?

The reason is his Upcoming Elite Skin. According to the latest patch note, X.Borg - Moto Drifter Skin will be released on December 19, 2019, server time.

The buff is actually not that huge but it is enough to promote his upcoming skin.

Are you interested to try using X.Borg and his new skin? Play him along with your friends. Here are some heroes that are compatible with X.Borg:

1. Angela

Tired of playing Leomord along with your Angela partner? Then try X.Borg and Angela Combo. After X.Borg casted his ultimate skill, Angela can help X.Borg to stay longer in teamfight by using her ultimate skill.

The enemy won't have a chance to kill X.Borg because Angela is there to save you whenever your Firaga Armor is destroyed.

2. Johnson

Johnson has two skills that can stun targets. His first skill and ultimate skill stun targets in an area. This gives X.Borg an opportunity to shut those heroes down using X.Borg Burst Ultimate Skill.

An Angela-Johnson-X.Borg Trio is a must try hero combination if you are 3 players and want to play Classic Match together or even rank up together.

3. Jawhead

Are you playing X.Borg as a support? That means your team need another hero to play the role of offlaner. Jawhead is perfect for that.

Jawhead can target an enemy hero and throw it towards you to kill it. Jawhead can also throw an enemy minion to stun an enemy hero then X.Borg can safely land his ultimate skill. Jawhead can also initiate teamfights using his ultimate skill.

Will you play X.Borg with his new skin?