Mobile Legends X Star Wars collab skin - First Order Jet Trooper Kimmy Visual Effects Revealed

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Star Wars has an ongoing collaboration and another skin will be released soon. This time, it will be for the hero Kimmy. This skin will join the other skins in the collaboration which are Darth Vader Argus, Master Yoda Cyclops and Obi-wan Kenobi Alucard. The name of this upcoming skin is First Order Jet Trooper Kimmy. The visual effects of this skin are shown in a preview video posted in the official ML: BB YouTube channel and here are the details.


First Order Jet Trooper skin will be added to Kimmy’s skin list which would be the 6th after Astrocat, Bio Frontier, Charge Leader, Frost Wing, and Steam Researcher. In this skin, she will be wearing a stormtrooper armor that is probably familiar to all Star Wars fans. This armor is perfect for Kimmy since this armor also comes with a jet pack, similar to the default Kimmy. This jet pack will also be highlighted in the skill effects.


The skill effects of this skin has a main theme color of a bright red shade. Some are sparkling to add a highlight to each attack. An example of this is that her skill 1 is highlighted more than the not enhanced basic attacks. For skill 2, Chemical Refinement, Kimmy will use her jet pack to slide back leaving a red trail and three grenades. And of course, for the ultimate skill, Maximum Charge, the effects from charging and missile flying up to the eruption when it reaches the target or the furthest distance is very remarkable.


Here is the link to this skin's trailer:

This skin also has a Battle Emote in-themed with it. The design and visuals of this battle emote is also shown in the preview. This skin is expected to be available on July 16, 2022, ML:BB Server Time (4 P.M. in GMT+8). Check out the actual details and content in-game.

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