Mobile Legends Yin Guide - A discussion of his mechanics, best build, and how to solo carry using him

Yin is the hero released for January 2022 and just like the previous-released heroes, he was already balanced out coming out from the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang test server. He is designed to be a great hero for 1v1 or simply picking-off solo enemy. Here is a simple guide to learn all of the basic things to know about playing Yin.


Yin's passive makes him deal more damage when there are no ally heroes around. That means he is better in 1v1 or 1v2 instead of doing 2v1 or 3v1. This means to utilize this, he should be played in solo sidelane because if he will be used as a jungler, the ally laner should leave the lane whenever Yin jungle will visit. The midlaner and roamer should also be far from Yin to trigger his passive. That might look like more of a disadvantage than advantage but he is actually already balanced even without triggering passive. The extra damage his passive will give will be a bonus that if utilized, will make the team earn a better chance of winning. With that idea in mind, the midlaner and roamer can instead go with the goldlaner which is usually the marksman to secure late game.

Meanwhile, his active skills just focus on how will he win 1v1 or 1v2 fights. His ultimate skill helps him to trigger his passive. His skills will also be enhanced for some time after using his ultimate skill. His skill 2 is a blink with CC while his skill 1 is his main damage source.


For the preparation, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official website provided recommendations and explained why those are the best preparation sets for Yin.

The recommended item build includes War Axe, Blade of Despair, and Endless Battle to improve his damage. It is also recommended for him to take defense boots along with defense items like Brute Force Breastplate and of course, Immortality. This set helps him have decent damage with enough defense.

The recommended battle spell is Flicker if he won't be played as a jungler. Flicker gives him additional mobility either to chase and secure kills or disengage and escape to survive and avoid death. The recommended emblem is fighter emblem because of the Festival of Blood talent. With this set, he can sustain more in teamfights especially when he is in his ultimate skill's domain or in 1v2 up to 1v5 situations.


A final tip for utilizing Yin is to use his ultimate skill to trap an enemy so that allies can secure objectives like Turtle/Lord by capturing enemy jungler. Another way to utilize his ultimate skill is when there is only one hero to defend the enemy base, Yin can use ultimate skill on it while allies destroy the base for the victory!

To sum it up, Yin is a hero that is definitely solo-queue friendly because of his abilities. Yin can carry while handling the enemies while allies will take objectives. Aside from being great in clashes, he can also take objectives himself and his playstyle is very versatile so make sure to try him out!

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