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May 1, 2019
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Sa totoo lang mga zer, wala naman talagang malaking pinagkaiba ang ibibigay kong tips. Best heroes to use?

Same lang rin. Hindi nga lang masyado nagmamatter ang tier list kasi kahit ang mga lower tier heroes na kagay nila Odette at Balmond ay malakas bumuhat depende na lang kung magaling rin kalaban.

Marami kasing smurf account or second accounts ng mga nasa higher ranks na ang kumakalat sa lower ranks kaya ang hirap magpaangat.

Experience requirement?

Siguro 50 matches sa Hero mo bago ka makarating ng Epic.

To be honest, Season 7 Master lang ako
Season 8 hanggang 9 Grandmaster lang ako
Season 10 Epic
Season 11 Mythic

1.5K + Matches

Bakit ko ito sinasabi?

May mga inexperienced player kasi na nagmamadali magparank-up.

Hindi po minamadali ang pagrank-up. Kung 'yong mga more than 5 seasons na nga naglalaro nasa Epic pa rin tapos ikaw na kakaumpisa pa lang ineexpect mo na aabot ka kaagad ng Mythic?

Kung sa higher ranks, from Microgame to Macrogame ay mahalaga. Sa lower ranks, kahit teamfights plus push pwede na. Kaya nga Fighter ang pinakarole na recommended ko sa GM to Epic. Pero syempre dapat marunong ka na rin ng iba pang roles lalo na kung GM ka na.

Wag pong madaliin ang pagrank up. Ang average solo gamer ay inaabot ng 200 games bago makalipat ng rank division.

Siguro sa Master 4 to GM 5, mabilis na ang 50 games. Pero sa GM5 to Epic5, around 150. Pero Epic 5 to Legend 5, baka 200-300 games. Legend 5 to Mythic naman, hindi ko pa rin naabot ulit this season kahit 300 games na ako ngayon. Hintayin niyo ko mga zer babalik rin ako sa Mythic haha

Overall, wag niyo isipin na usapang panghigher ranks kami lagi sa page. 'Yong mga hero guides nga po namin beginner friendly naman eh. Promise kapag inapply niyo po ang panghigher level na mentality, mas madadalian na kayo sa pagrank up from Warrior to Epic with sapat na experience na rin.

Average Experience ng mga players per rank.
  • Mythic 1500+ Stars (15K Matches)
  • Mythic 1000+ Stars (13K Matches)
  • Mythic 500+ Stars (10K Matches)
  • Mythic 100+ Stars (8K Matches)
  • Mythic 0 to 100 Stars (6K Matches)
  • Legend (5K Matches)
  • Epic (3K Matches)
  • GM (2K Matches)
  • Master (1K Matches)
  • Warrior to Elite madali lang po makaalis dyan
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May 1, 2019
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Custom Fighter Emblem

Max Stats:

Physical def 8
Mag Def 8
Phy PEN 5
HP 273
Phy atk 16

~Tier 1

Bravery - Phy Atk

1 pt +4
2 pts +8
3 pts +12

Firmness - Phy def

1 pt +4
2 pts +8
3 pts +12

Shield - Mag def

1 pt +4
2 pts +8
3 pts +12

~Tier 2

Invasion - Phy PEN

1 pt +2
2 pts +4
3 pts +6

Persistence - HP

1 pt +100
2 pts +200
3 pts +300

Swift - Atk Spd

1 pt +1.5%
2 pts +3%
3 pts +5%


Unbending Will

Every 1% of HP lost is converted to an additional 0.2% increase in damage (up to 12%)

Festival of Blood

Gains 8% Spell Vamp. Every 1 kill adds 1% Spell Vamp up to 12%

Disabling Strike

After slowing enemies by more than 20%, increases physical damage by 30%. Lasts for 3 seconds and will be removed after the next damage. Cooldown is 10 seconds


In tier 1, Bravery is the best to give 3 pts. If you want the phy and mag def, better rely with items.

In tier 2, it depends on your preference. But for me, Invasion is the best. The physical PEN is helpful for both basic attacks and skills. The Attack Speed from Swift is only useful for Basic Attack Reliant Fighters. The HP from Persistence is just for added defense.

But if you want a semitank style of fighter, this is the best emblem configuration.

1 pt on Bravery, Firmness and Shield
3 pts on Persistence
Then choose Unbending Will for the damage.

Festival of Blood is the most powerful talent in this fighter emblem. This talent is equivalent to Bloodlust Axe in full stacks less the CDR and Phy Atk. But also less than an item slot and 600 gold when compared to choosing the Bounty Hunter from Assassin Emblem.

By: AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide


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May 1, 2019
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All About Jungle Informations!


❖ There is a total of 16 Jungle Monster(Including Lord and Turtle) in the game.
❖ 4 Jungle Monster in top lane and 3 in bot lane(Excluding Lord and Turtle as their spawning is random).
❖ The Jungle Monster are Skill Buff which are indicated by purple, Gold Buff(River Crab) which are indicated by gold, Healing Buff which is indicated by green and Lord & Turtle indicated by purple with structure.
❖ The Skill Buff spawn at 00:32 of game time, and Heal Buff a little bid before. Gold Buff spawn at 01:00. Turtle spawn at 02:00 of game time. Lord spawns 3 mins after the Turtle is killed.

Ability Buff:

They are two buff monsters but giving the same buff. They are indicated by purple dot in the minimap. 1st spawns at 00:32 and respawn within 2 mins after die. The buff is received by only the one who last hit it, while experience and gold is distributed. The Buff effects varied depending on the one who last hit it.

The buff variation is as follows:
● Tank Buff: Skill mana consumption reduced by 50%, physical and magical defense raised by 15%.
● Assassin Buff – Skill cooldowns reduced by 10%, skill resource consumption reduced by 20%, physical and magical penetration increased by 15 points.
● Fighter Buff – Skill cooldowns reduced by 15%, skills will slow target’s movement speed by 20%, last for 1.5 seconds.
● Mage Buff – Skill cooldowns reduced by 20%, skill mana consumption reduced by 50%, magical power increased by 30 points.
● Marksman Buff – Increased 10% physical attack, skill on hit will increase user movement speed by 15%, lasts for 2 seconds.
● Support Buff – Skill cooldowns reduced by 10%, mana regeneration increased by 50 points, health regeneration increased by 15%.

Healing Buff:
The monster indicated by green dot in mini-map. The one who last hit it will recover a great amount of HP plus some gold and experience to all the nearby allies. They have low HP and low damage. They respawn within 1 min after die.

Gold Buff
The monster indicated by gold/yellow dot in mini-map. Spawn for the 1st time at 01:00 of game time. The one who take it will be granted 10 Gold every 2s lasting 30s.

Its the 2nd strongest jungle monster in the arena. Killing a turtle will grant a good amount of gold and experience to the team. It spawn at 02:00 of game time in random location. Spawn location and time is displayed 120s before it spawn.

They spawn 3 mins after the turtle is killed and respawn every 4 mins in random location. The strongest monster in the arena. It has high HP and high damage. Not only getting high gold and experience, killing him will spawn on your base and help your team. From your base it will moves to the enemy’s weakest lane. It is the thing which can decides the game especially at late them. Spawn location and countdown is displayed 120s before it spawn.

Summary of Spawn Timeline

Minions - Spawns at 10 second mark. Spawns every 30 seconds

Healing buffs - Spawns at 30 second mark. Spawns every 1 minute.

Skill Buff - Spawns at 32 second mark. Spawns every 2 minutes

Gold Buff - Spawns at 1 minute mark. Spawns every 2 minutes

Turtle - Spawns at 2 minute mark. Spawns every 2 minutes.

Lord - Spawns at 8 minute mark. Spawns every 4 minutes.


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May 1, 2019
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Does your Mage use Basic Attacks more frequently? Then this item is good for you

An item review: FoH Guide

Feather of Heaven $2230

+65 Magic Power
+30% Attack Speed
+5% Movement Speed

Unique Passive: Affliction

Basic Attacks will deal 40% of the Hero's Magic Power as additional Magic damage.


The Magic Power that this item gives is similar to Necklace of Durance.

And to be honest, this is one of the items that a mage user considers swapping TO Necklace of Durance if this is in their fixed build. 6th highest if tied items are considered as one. 150, 110, 100, 75, 70, 65 are the Rankings of Base Magic Power a Magic Item gives.

The attack speed do not benefits all mages. This benefits the likes of Zhask, Odette, Harley, and Harith who harass opponents with Basic Attacks.

I also want to emphasize the MOVEMENT SPEED. This might want you to reconsider your emblem configuration. You might want to invest for more Magic Power in the first tier of your mage emblem rather than the movement speed.

The unique passive is very helpful so that your basic attacks will deal more damage

~~~How does the passive works?

If your basic attack deals 100 and you have a Magic Power of 140, you will deal:

100 Physical Damage + 140(40%) Magic Damage = 156 total damage.

So Imagine a Harith with Calamity Reaper and Feather of Heaven.

His enhanced basic attack will deal

Enhanced Magic Damage (can be CRIT) + 40%MP from Feather of Heaven Magic Damage + 120%MP from Calamity Reaper TRUE Damage

And take note, you have boosted attack speed. So instead of only dealing 4 basic attacks in 4 seconds, you can deal 5 which is helpful when you are pushing turrets.

By: AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide


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May 1, 2019
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Tips for lower rank guide series presents: Why end the game as early as possible? Art of Carrying No. 1

Quick Answer: You can reach level 12 before 10 minutes with 4 items already.

If you played well in the early to midgame, you should be ahead by 1-3 levels.

It is much easier for you to carry your teammates this way than facing 5 level 15 heroes.

~~~ How to end the game as fast as possible?

1. Choose a META Hero.

META Heroes are characterized by Early Game Domination. They can reach level 4 within 2 minutes. The reason is they can clear the waves fast, have enough mobility to switch lanes and rotate around the map, and deals High Early Game Damage.

2. Aim to get your first core item (next item after boots) before 6 minutes.

You can achieve this by balance laning and farming. You can also play aggressive to kill and get much more gold.

3. Push!

Once you are getting kills, you will be able to clear a lane faster. It is safe to push when no one is guarding the turret.

~~~How to avoid bad teammates?

My answer is simply play with a friend. You may play Classic and win a momentum before playing Rank Games. If you notice a good player in your team or in your enemy team, chat them and convince them to join you in Rank Games. That would make carrying a lot more easier.

If an average solo player can gain 30 stars (Epic to Legend 1 Rank) in 300 matches.

A duo or trio can reach it in 200 matches.

If you are in a good 5 man team, it won't take you 50 matches to get 30 stars.

PS: This season, from Epic 2 to Mythic 3 stars, I already played 300 ranked matches. How about you?

By: AdminGanda / Mobile Legends Tier List and Guide