Mobile MMORPG TS Project First game trailer for Unreal Engine 5 PC announced

The CEO of Game Tales, who has authored multiple books and worked on missions and scenarios for games including Ecol Tactics Online, Cabal Online, and TERA Hero, is the author of the TS Project tale. Unfortunately, TS Project will be developed using blockchain and NFT technology, despite the development team boasting of numerous industry expertise.


We originally discussed Game Tales, a tiny Korean company, back in 2020 when they initially announced their plans to use Unreal Engine 5 to create the product for both PC and mobile platforms. As soon as it became known that it would include blockchain components, it became known as TS Project. Today, we have a brand-new TS Project trailer in all its Unreal Engine 5 splendor. Keep in mind that the PC build was used to record this clip.